Downtown Chicago ASMR | Millennium Park & CTA Ride

Waiting for the train to come so we can head downtown Here it is! Looking for a sit ! The train is very fast and convenient, really recommend the Chicago CTA We are here!!! Just need to go upstairs, and we will see the downtown If you get lost, just follow the people, and you will be soon out in the street TA DA! Cloud Gate or The Bean As you can see, there’s always a lot of people I recommend you go with someone and enjoy the view, not only the pictures It looks very cool from up close And just next to the bean, you can find the skating rink You should go ice skating when the weather is not that cold Apparently 2019 is the year of Chicago Theatre So they had this kind of colorful maze where you could take some cool pictures Here is the Jay Pritzker Pavilion From up close Here are some public bathrooms, they can be hard to find in downtown So there’s the Jay Pritzker Pavilion And here is the Maggie Daley Park Here is the road to get over there You can ice skate in this area too, and is less crowded over here Downtown Chicago Lake Michigan!!! It was too cold to get my foot in there lol Over there at the end you can see the Navy Pier And here are all the buildings Chicago Bus Now let’s take the CTA Ride in downtown Here is the train again !! Over there is the Jay Pritzker Pavilion Construction in Chicago Trump Tower Harold Washington College I love this train because it allows you to see the city from above The reflection of the train Marina Towers, those are my favorite buildings in Chicago. The river, very pretty The whole city is so beautiful and clean We are here! I will upload the second part of this video so please look forward to it! Hope you enjoyed Downtown Chicago! See you next time!

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