Drinking water almost for free in Thailand : 1 litre = 1 Baht (2 Indian Rupees)

Kitchen of the hotel, where I am staying is closed now So now I am out in search of Drinking water I didn’t want to purchase the bottled water While searching for the free water, I reached near the office of Ayutthaya’s Municipality I met this gentleman there. He works as Guard in that office But he doesn’t understand English I took help of Google Translate app to make him understand that I need water Water is called ‘NAAM’ in Thai So he took me to this place where I can get water This is a machine where I can get 1 litre of water in just 1 baht It is pretty cheap Such ‘Water ATMs’ are also being used in many places in Delhi, India Especially at the railway stations in Delhi Now I am going to try this.. first time ?? Is it working !! Oh! the idea got flop Let us go somewhere else and try again Even this one is not working This is TOTO HOUSE, where I am staying today Adjacent is BRICKHOUSE where initially I wanted to stay, but… but its managing person was rude to me I hope this machine does its work, besides showing the time I am ready with 2 Baht Why these dogs are barking at me! Wow! this machine is working fine What a wonderful creation it is! I got a full bottle of water in just 1 Baht Thanks a lot 🙂 Its 9:15 pm Streets are almost deserted Just 2-3 tourist around me but the reason I am on the road at this time is.. I am hungry I am going to purchase things to eat from ‘7 Eleven’ I was shivering there because of the refrigerator Not able to understand anything… Its all in Thai Cost of Milk –
500 ml costs 26 Baht
1000 ml costs 90 Baht I am going to take the 1 litre bottle My condition is getting worse because of cold I was struggling to make them understand that I need a bread I used Google Translate to make them understand that I need a Whole wheat bread Then they understood and replied, that they don’t have that bread So always take help of Google Translate app whenever you are in foreign country I need carrots.. and I am again using ‘Google Translate’ application 10.. How much is this !! So this is … 12..13.. 14.. 15….. total 17.50 baht I have got the things now. ‘Namaste’ to these people 🙂 Bye 🙂 People were nice.. I have got Bread and Milk from the ‘7 Eleven’ store This is the stock of vegetarian food for 2 days The atmosphere is so vibrant and exciting here Backpackers from different countries have gathered here and enjoying You won’t get such happening and dazzling atmosphere in a hotel You don’t get chance to mingle with others in a hotel If you want to experience such live atmosphere.. then stay in Hostels This is the way i wanted to travel Enjoying the freedom… meeting with new people I am from India 🙂

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  1. again new video sirji….
    achaa lga… ki woha ke log samjte hai ki Pani ki kya Kimat Hoti hai… tabhi 1 bath pe 1 litter Pani de re hai.. good going on sir… or app se ye puchna tha ki..app aise hi Bread, Milk, etc… aise Natural chiz Khake hi guzar lete hain??

  2. Dude…go to Chiangmai for sure!! That's my favourite place in Thailand. Beautiful town surrounded with national parks and very friendly people

  3. sir Maiko ek bar apke sath Thailand le chelo plz mai be apke Jaise Naye Logo se milna ,nahi nahi jagah par ghumna chata hu apke travel videos dekh kar Mujhse ab Ruka nahi ja raha hai

  4. being a vegetarian i can imagine how difficult it might get to survive in countries where vegetarianism is not practiced much as the food becomes more costlier than the non-veg one. Still u are trying hard. Hats off bro!

  5. please visit southern Thailand like phuket ,krabi,koh phi phi ,songkhla ,koh pagna,nakhon si dhammarat,koh lanta,yala ,

  6. 3 baht they were saying u paid them 30 …. happy them …good vlog keep it up … hitchhiking super cool

  7. Drinking water water facilities are free in mysore there are very similar facilities…. UV purification centres are present in every street and also bicycles for public use search "mysore trin trin" on Google……

  8. Not hating but bhai, log to bahoat ache hain oar kaafi log aap ko help karte hain. Sirf "I'll take this one" keh k bread dusri waapas rakh dete.. thori aap b kisi ki help Karle 😂😂 just kidding but seriously, you should have put the bread back. The one u didn't want. U brought it up, u should bring it back.

  9. sir. aap bankok ka call girl night market hai uska video hai apke pass aap gye ho waha pls
    send kare

  10. Traveling change the thoughts and breaks the predetermined perceptions of person towards other countries and their people. Travelling is also helps in strengthen the bondage between two countries peoples. It helps in study the different cultural values, exchange of thoughts, information & ideas and much much many things

    you are really doing good job and your travel Video are changing my thoughts and predetermined perceptions created by media and misleading information.

    Your travel videos are really helping me to understand different different countries cultural value, social values, food culture, beliefs, climate conditions, public transportation network and it's condition and many more things

    Further it also helps me in understand helpfulness, kindness, trust, faith and suspiciousness by native peoples towards tourist as well as same things of other countries tourist towards other tourist

    I had almost seen your all Thai tour video and Thai people are really helpful & good people and my respect towards them has increased. They are really proving Sanskrit language sentence Atithi Devo Bhava (Means- Guest are God and we should serve them like God) 🙌💐🌷🙏🌷

    Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi also insist people to do travel and tour and many times explain it's various benefits & impacts for tourist, native people, economical, cultural, social, human belifes, perceptions​ etc etc

  11. Bhai it was nice vlog..i really enjoy your all videos. good job bro..
    in this video. it would be easy if you had use google images instead of google translator.. 🙂

  12. You really take budget travel to a whole other level. Even with a 'not so great' salary, I can think of visiting atleast Thailand and other South East Asian counties. Nice work!

  13. Excellent. The more i am discovering your videos the more I'm enjoying them. Let me reiterate, you have a fantastic upbringing, salute to your parents and people who brought you up. At 10.10 of video दूध के बाद जब आपने गाजर माँगे, तो मैंने सोचा की hostel पहौच के आप गाजर का हलवा बनाएँगे!! 😆

  14. Not all 7/11 shops sell fresh vegetables. You should go to Lotus market or BigC market or CP Fresh Mart. Those shops sell everything sold in 7/11 including fresh vegetables / meats. You can find the shops everywhere.

  15. In the past Thailand was better than now. You can have free drinking water everywhere in the country. If you had an idea to sell drinking water, Thais would laugh at you. Why? Because you could find a jar containing drinking water in front of many houses. That was provided to all travellers free-of-charge. Now you can still find something like this in some rural areas.

  16. the weather of thai is always hot and same like india. you are so sensitive that cant even stand for few second near cooler hahahaha. dont go to canada or norway or greenland. dont mind just kidding.

  17. Wah! 7 11 dekh ke meri thailand ki yaade taaza ho gayi! It was my go-to shop in thailand for a number of things, including food! 😀 Enjoyed all your thailand vids!

  18. One thing i like about you is the ease with which you speak Urdu words.A man from your generation frequently using Urdu indicates that you belong to a Kaisth family,though it is difficult to know this from your surname.Only Dilli Kaisths have such upbringing.You definitely have become a superstar.

  19. Varun sir!!! May I come with you on next trip. Trust me I will spend my own expenses my self. I want to experience the hitchhiking.

  20. You are behaving like little kid even you can find everything very easily in 7 eleven stores.

  21. sir plastic bottle bisleri ya aqya fina bottle ka pani thik nahi so kya plastic pack mai bread aur plastic bottle mai milk is sufficent.

  22. The moment when there's no common language between you and foreigners, and then you communicate with them through "broken language" 😁😁 💜💜

  23. I think shopkeeper wanted to cheat you with prices of bread and the lady scold him…I have a doubt may be the lady wanted to mean that two bread costs you 30 bhat not one

  24. Don't use these machines! Investigations have shown that the filters are almost never changed and therefore the water can be a lot worse than regular tap water.

  25. 7:18 the woman laughed because you said "thank you" as a woman. If you are a man, you say "Khab khun krap", if you are a woman you say "Khab khun ka". Thai has very strict grammar depending on your gender and age

  26. first your say you don't want to buy water…. then you spend 1 TBH… didn't get the logic? you don't want to spend more than a certain sum?

  27. Even I carry my water bottle everywhere i travel. I fill it at any chance i get. It helps save money as well as to the environment. 🙂

  28. Varun..after watching your travel videos, i see that there are many people out there ready to help and I learnt a lot on how to get over in non-home land. thanks.. You rock!!

  29. Bhaiya Pattaya me go go bar's Ka business kaise start kiya jaye or kya kya process + budget pe 1 video bana dijiye plz plz plz?

  30. Dost paani se panga mat lo tour pe acha khasa packaged drinking water hee piyaa karo q ki 90% bimari paani se hee ate hi ,for u r task health is very important mind it

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