Drunk Big Wave Surfer | Vlog #23

he gets ready to jump and he jumps over what is going on guys so i have a awesome
story for you today since its my day off i thought i would do work story for you so im
going to take you back in time about 4 years ago when i first started working for the crabs
baseball and they would have me sit up on top of this box we called it to get the foul
balls and this box was its up on the right first baseside up top and i could see the
whole game and everything and i would be up there every single game for the whole season
so like 50 games i was up there just watching the game getting foul balls it was like the
4th of july or something im up there by myself and we have a latter that gets us up there
right up to the box and im sitting up there and its like the 9th inning and theres too
many people it was like a full crowd they shut off the gate so no one else could come
in there was a bunch of people coming to the ballpark after the going to the bars and so
im up there and these guys come up to me and they ask me they look up and ask hey man can
we come up there and just watch the last inning or so i said no you cant come up here i gave
them my speil and the guy was really really drunk there was 2 guys and the one guy was
really drunk hes like no man dude let me just get up there he climbs up and im trying to
push him away like get off and he climbs up and he sits right next to me hes like oh dude
this is sweet seat but i want to get over there
and hes pointing to bleachers and theres like a 4 foot gap between the box where im sitting
and 15 to 20 foot fall of a gap inbetween that and the bleachers i said no dude you
cant jump over there hes like oh no dude im a big wave surfer he kind of gets ready to
jump dude you got to get off and his friend was like a little bit more sober and his friend
is like pull him back onto the street side of it instead of the gap to the bleachers
he says oh dude heres some money just let me do it
and he just slaps like a big wad of money like right on my chest and i was like alright
i dont know what else to do im just going to hope down from the box if hes going to
die hes going to die hes going to do what he is going to do . i could see him through
a little hole that there is in the fence he kind of standing up there barely standing
and he gets ready to jump and he jumps over and he grabs onto the bleachers its about
4 foot gap mind you and he grabs on with one arm hooked through the bleachers and hes jump
hanging on with his cowboy boots flaling in the air pulls himself up and climbs up and
get onto and then walks down the bleachers and gets into the park that was just like
a crazy story that happened to me working at the ballpark sometimes we get really drunk
people that come in and they do whatever they want i couldnt stop him at 15 years old it
was like not going to happen i just wanted to share that story with you guy hope you
enjoyed it if you havent subscribed hit subscribe press the like button ill see you tomorrow

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