Hello friends again Today, I’ve given you a tour of the world gathering and combining all my adventures and experiences long-term world tour adventures what you need to do and know while backpacking I have prepared 10 items for you So with a backpack? outdoors what you need to know and what you need to do tricks to you in case of 10 items Then let’s get started And 1st item friends How can we keep our money safe? I mean, how can we hide it without ringing? Now, of course, you will keep most of your money in your bank account You will carry a small amount of cash in your pocket So how do you get rid of the cash in your pocket or your wallet? For example, let’s say you have 100 dollars in cash. You travel with 100 dollars in cash and you are afraid of theft You know, there are pockets in the trousers, front pockets in the back and you’ll make a new mobile yourself, so you’ll prepare it before you go Tailors can do Inside the pants, so inside you will make your own pocket tailor zippered In no way visible and unspecified you will have pocket For example, if you are traveling with 100 dollars, friends 90-95 dollars, the vast majority You’re gonna put it in your pocket and pull it up. That pocket in your pants The rest is $ 5-10. carry cash in your wallet At least when there’s a burglary, when someone says give me your money You’re not afraid to take it directly and show your wallet Look, brother, I only have $ 5. You can get away with saying I gave you all my money. and the rest of your 90-95 dollars cash in your pants’ pocket and make sure that no one can predict that theft, robbery instantly Nobody realizes it, you get out without stealing your money. You only lose 5 dollars, keep it in your wallet and give it to him. 1. Item this way Now let’s go to Article 2 Of course, you will keep most of your money in your bank account and you’ll be able to make less and less withdrawals from the ATM while roaming Well now your ATM card can be copied, the money can be stolen Or the worst of all can swallow your ATM card Then you’il try to get it. Now how can you secure it How to get rid of copying Don’t withdraw money from every ATM you find There’s definitely an ATM here, so I’m just gonna get out of here. Don’t do that. Which ATMs do you not withdraw your money from? Do not withdraw money from an ATM in the street Because it happened to me twice before when I was abroad I do not suggest ATMs you will find and withdraw money will definitely withdraw money from an ATM Do not pull from the standing place in the middle of the street as idle normal ATM If the ATM swallows your card It took me a couple of days to get it. It will be healthier if you withdraw your money from the branches If your ATM swallows your card, it will take less time to retrieve You’ll be free for less time and card copying is too little to be there That way it’s safer. Now let’s go to Article 3 Now I want to tell you about the money again For example, before you leave your budget get $ 1000 and don’t take all your money with you So do not take it in cash or in your bank account You lose your wallet, your card is broken, you have problems with ATMs, you have bank problems Something can happen So if you take all your money with you If you lose your card when you experience a problem your money will be gone and your chances of getting it back will take a long time and you will have a hard time abroad because this happened to me So I advise you this way For example, you set off with 1000 dollars. Take only $ 100 with you Put it in your bank or take cash The remaining $ 900 to give to someone you trust in Turkey For example, a friend, friend, family, mother, father, brother Give $ 900 to someone you trust Say you send it to my account as I ask. Leave with an empty bank account No matter how long you spend $ 100 When you run out of money after spending, when you will withdraw money from the ATM Call your friend, I’m out of money, I’m giving you 50 bucks 100 bucks send me to say Make sure that way it becomes safer At least if you steal your bank card while you’re on the road, If you swallow an ATM or lose any card, You didn’t steal the money in it. Because it will be hollow When you need money You want $ 50 from a friend The room will be your own money, you will have given it to her He sends you 50 50 This way you can keep your money safer friends Now let’s go to Article 4 I want to talk about transportation in article 4 How do I make transport and I suggest you make transport airplane, bus, train, hitchhiking and How to travel cheaply and in a better way First of all, of course I suggest you hitchhiking Because I always hitchhike as much as I can. Both free and fun, more beautiful So I recommend hitchhiking in the first place What do I offer you other than hitchhiking For example, you will go a short distance You will go for a ride from place to place in the city Of course I recommend the municipal buses But if you don’t find many buses, for example, If you want to use a taxi style Don’t take a taxi You can all guess that anyway. We’re screwed or something. Don’t use regular taxi Some applications have phone applications. I suggest them. I strongly recommend using them For example, you all know uber application You can use Uber and what’s outside of Uber For example, in the Far East when I was in Asia There was an app used in those countries in Uber style called Gojack Gojack. I was using it. Make sure it’s so cheap Like when I was in Indonesia. If I get in a regular taxi, I’m gonna get stuck for 20 bucks or something. 1 dollar maybe 50 cents I was going through that application And a day I never forget I once took a taxi from the city center to the airport Think how expensive it costs demi You take the airport taxi How many money goes to the airport The money I gave was like $ 2 Thanks to the gojack app in Indonesia I could go to the airport in a cheap way for about $ 2 or $ 1.5. So you can use this kind of applications So in the style of taxi Other than that, for example, you will change the city intercity or country change by bus city ​​or country does not matter There are up to a million sites on the Internet when you change by bus There are a lot of sites selling bus tickets You can find prices and buy tickets from there But I don’t recommend it. Of course, see prices, search, see the market But don’t buy the ticket from there and leave. Because I’ve tried so much, I’ve seen so much Those sites are selling by putting their commissions for more price You have to search from there, for example, there is a ticket from that city to that city for 10 dollars. You’il find out that there’s something around here. Then go directly to the terminal and get your ticket from the terminal Make sure it’s much cheaper For example, if the website is sold for $ 10 ticket If you go to the terminal, maybe you can find $ 8-8.5 Do not buy your ticket online Search, see opening times Go to the terminal and spend your money at the terminal, get your ticket I recommend this way of transportation Now let’s go to Article 5 In Article 5, while you are wandering the roads, I want to tell you how we can make money on the road How we make money on the road For example, you set out with a certain amount And after a while the money in your pocket runs out What will you do when the money runs out You will stay back compelled to return to Turkey and you will unwillingly return For example, how can you continue your journey by making money on the roads for free? For example, in the first place, I suggest you Maybe most people know that. There is a site called Workaway There is a site called Workaway While browsing he can find volunteer jobs from the site This has certain annual fees There is an annual fee of 30 euro You give that money 1 time You can use the site for 1 year and find work and work anywhere in the world You can get volunteer jobs or find all kinds of things and working there to gain experience meet local people you can continue your money in this way and continue to walk and what else you can do, for example, how to make money on the road I’ve sold so many bracelets on the road to date I wandered the streets selling water this way you can do things Like when I was in Indonesia. 0 5 penny left I said I’m going back to go on my way I had the last six dollars. I went and bought as much water as I could at the market. I sold water on the street for days I didn’t make a bracelet. I bought a ready goods Water. I went around the water, I went to the water, I earned my money or you can either wristband If you find a cheap shop if you have little money you can buy cheap wristband and sell it more expensive on the street without any hassle And this way you can handle friends Now it’s time for item 6 Article 6 will explain to you How can you make the cheapest way or free accommodation Let me give you the following example Tent. You can take a tent with you when you go There you find a suitable place on the side of the street or something you can spend your night in a tent It won’t be very comfortable, of course, but if you are not very comfortable let me spend the night, get enough sleep can walk around the tent mold If you don’t want a tent outside and you don’t have a tent Couchurfing application Have the app on the phone, you can find it on the computer Couchsurfing application You pay a certain fee I guess it was like 20 bucks. You pay this money once in a lifetime Then you can find free accommodation anywhere in the world friends I have used this application so much so far Definitely something I would strongly recommend In both countries you meet local people, you stay at their home your culture is expanding, making friends and you’re staying free in their house Sometimes they make your dinner, they can order it It is very useful especially if you are traveling without money You can wander out with them, you can wander Gorgeous practice friends I definitely recommend Couchsurfing You stay at home for free. You can take care of your shower, your food and everything for free Except that one If you say I want to stay in hotels, hostels, hostel-style bi places I would definitely recommend the site booking Booking site. I recommend Booking By entering the name of the city there, ie how many nights will be typing you can book directly from there When you put the option to find the most affordable, cheapest hotel already there You can see everything from the cheapest hostels, hotels, rooms in your city already there You can also set a stay in the Booking application. Now let’s go to Article 7 In Article 7, I want to tell you about food. How we can eat the cheapest way, how to walk around without starving how to visit So very simple

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