E-WHEELIN CHEAP MINI Electric Skateboard Unboxing & Test Ride (Penny/Cruiser Electric)

Inside here contains the Let’s see what’s inside this thing. Firstly, the board comes packaged in this long rectangular box. Now, let’s open up the box by pulling out the tabs and revealing the contents inside. The first thing you’ll see are all the accessories that comes with the board. Let’s take them all out and take a closer look. First, is a user manual. Second, is a lightweight charging unit. The wireless remote controller, and lastly you also get two AAA Batteries for the controller. Now that we are done with the accessories. Let’s move on to the board itself. The board is protected by this foam material. and there it is wrapped in the plastic bag. Now, let’s take it out of the plastic bag. and there it is! Alright, let’s take a closer look. Now that we are done with the unboxing let’s take this board for a spin. So it is almost… It’s basically sunset and I’m going to try to ride this thing and see how it goes outdoors. Alright, this should be a good spot. Alright, so… Let’s turn on the battery. I think it’s right here. that’s on remote is on should be connected… yep It’s blinking (motor noise) Let’s try this thing! It is fast! The brakes are good too! This thing actually feels fast. It says it’s only about 10mph but you know what it actually feels fast. You definitely have to give it a push first because the motor is only 400W. and you’re not gonna want to put too much pressure on the motor. now check this out. (car honking sound) So that was dumb because I almost crashed into a car. that was stupid. that was very stupid. Alright this time. Let’s be more you know careful. Already using it for a couple of hours the quality and the performance of the board is pretty impressive considering its low price point. It’s very nice for cruising but it definitely doesn’t have the speed and the torque of something like the Boosted or Evolve boards. If you have any questions about this board leave a comment down below and I will do my best to answer them. Until then…

39 thoughts on “E-WHEELIN CHEAP MINI Electric Skateboard Unboxing & Test Ride (Penny/Cruiser Electric)”

  1. Ey i got it! But there's some shit happened and i didnt get the charger. It has been almost a month im so eager to use it..

  2. hi yu fujishiro, great vid, loved it. few questions if you would answer ^_^
    1. How long does it take to fully charge?
    2. How fast is it compared to running?

  3. are you still using? mine spoilt within 1 year, now getting an upgrade with these guys https://www.arcboardsev.com/

  4. I been looking at e-bikes and scooters and the companies all boast about being green and eco-friendly but I notice all the batteries don't last very long at all, so what happens when they don't charge anymore? landfill? electric skateboards are really cool and I really want one but I think maybe gas powered bicycle is cheaper, faster, and better for environment

  5. 0:16 Him: "Inside here contains E-WHEELIN MINI ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD! Let's see what's inside this thing!"

    Me: "Why would you see what's inside that, you just said what it was!?"

  6. You deserve more than 100 subscribers to be fair, your editing looks more professional than some channels with like 32k.

  7. is that same as this one? cus it says 200w motor

    this one too:

  8. Would you recommend this board as a first board? And what is the actual range and speed? And have you encountered any problems?

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