El Chileno – Couchsurfing | Entrevista 1 | Experiencia | Parte 3

y NOS encontramos en la salud Cheers wow this place is what is this place called that name um samchillian restaurant I know I can’t remember the name what’s on your head at me was see what he said that you can’t even wear a mask come talk to you worry they’re taking tov we’re up for you get em belo token ok chilly we’re so Vienna Naga Tommy la Torre Jana were drinking LF L 1 over Rho del mundo terremoto yeah you’re free I was like a brave girl that went better you not go back on until she went off I give a la quinta you tomorrow Boonta they all said anything place and I from you today okay the last question what do you think about the people that they want to start to use about Sophie if you have to give some advice is down what makes a damn please be advised of the culture into account newtown services I know you can seem like a southern feel fighting or scare you a little nervous you don’t know the table yeah I don’t have that trust with the people so you’re kind of you’re thinking that we to face but as you guys he told me earlier you guys are as well it’s like you don’t know what you don’t know who I was I am that’s true so you didn’t know what was company that’s all I think hey I was just you know do your research take precautions maybe the first day I once i have your guard up but at least he be cautious but take that thing and take out this because I think in the end up in workshop it’s really yeah definitely because only our culture thing is you need to go to a place like Santiago and you can go to mercado central you know you’re an outsider recontra go to panera can go to throw san cristobal all these different places but if you go in touch let me become more ingrained the contrary in the culture getting bollywood it exactly more involved with the people it’s just a better better experience you’re actually traveling in the garden you’re not experiencing new place like what’s dumb be at toys what’s the point if you’re going to my opinion if you’re going to just chill out in the future we’ll still go in summary it’s good trip I recommend yeah I have a question for you oh my god yeah what word vice will you get to some of the monster books where advice would you give to someone is would involve them in some random corner yeah like you have between into their house well I think that if you are living alone no problem because you don’t have to ask to anybody if you want to know someone but in our case and we’re living like we are three the apartment first of all we talked all of us about this you know this is yeah I’m incision decision decision decision after that we have to find a way to feel the case the most comfortable as possible yeah I mean if we don’t have like a coach or if we don’t have like a place that you can sleep there’s no point to host you like I can say like okay come to my house but there’s no you can have to sleep in the floor that is not the point and you want to in some ways you need to trust if it will be like all the time in honor haha should I go in the doorway that the word having a la salle Rachel and pray but I go in the door and we decide like okay if you’re going to call somebody we need to at least to give some trust okay because in our wise there’s no point so that is the first second one is that we need to have at least a mini-moon like important space to the gas another thing is that we should always you know profile which we are and we have to make sure that they have read out alpha value it’s an important very important data because you know it’s like the first insight you have on the people you you’re about to call you my advice to the profile of the time people to for you and write your own profile well you know very extensively you know I mean there’s a some people that they just want find a place to save money yeah they don’t want to share you know what to talk about like a kind of the cultural exchange I mean if we’re being honest that is a benefit yeah another yeah that is far out but yeah like no like them though the it shouldn’t be exact yeah por ahora en la reducción el silencio Pogo hay alguna ventaja de este que algunas consejo signon clear todo lo / filets Erin Murphy muy completo recuerden que esto aparte de irse agrat aqui como una la ventaja esta mentor cambiar culturas pasarlo bien compartir sabado para alguien en seguida al menu minimo estándar para perros a personas oh no lo van a sermon el suelo no son pugio arte PRASA sobhan ano sorano broken casa y sobre no de guerre de que la persona que su feedin no labas amante paso Fierro area bro entonces es muy importante y que lo más importante que adoro her alguien tiene que tardif West entregar un poco de confianza fence a personal poor casino van estar el fondo en cuando Alvarez de Luna con Piazza tremendous van a tener ESO no está dispuesto hacer un poco de cuando la gala presented in coma you test ambien entonces asean como los principales see fig en los arcos orphan y las Perez engineer Tom Agee go me endo y yo muy muy muy Buena sigue lloviendo utd Sinestro seek women free retro recibo quieres commentaire yes ahora vamos a poner el sadar que la noche no viene el I guess take it easy and mankind oh oh come on that’s cool about that dead river you have to spend time recomiendo we started calc surfing es muy bueno temple temple come on that word you tryna tiem time good time it’s a good time just home vientiane who is i will talk to us culture no i recommend you use culture is a good time the company and all of a sudden i edit that out well lit been so insulted besides up so we want to say may continue i recommend you use that you use random a everything out before okay recomiendo recommend okay to ISA concert we’re gonna die because of home guy yovan Obama da mario mahvel ready haha Xiao Xiao lo quiero mucho en carrozza soo creeyonce chill a puta te dio su crisis SL ego te dio e buon anima gusta y no vamos en el siente heroes ciao ciao

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  1. Hola a todos 😀 espero que les haya gustado el vídeo y si alguna vez han tenido una experiencia Couchsurfing, les agradecería si pudieran comentarla y de esa forma compartir nuestra experiencias. Saluuuudos 😀

  2. Buen video ajajja, al principio en el primer video que apareció se veia nervioso, ahora agarro vuelo el Em ajjaja

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