El Gouna – Venice in Egypt!

Hello! This is travel and vacation channel – Fritids Tur. this video about the tourist resort of El – Gouna It is located on the Red Sea in the Red Sea Governorate of Egypt, 20 kilometres (12 miles) north of Hurghada. Resort El – Gouna is known as the pearl of the Red Sea, Venice in the sands! El Gounas an Egyptian tourist resort, developed and owned by Sawiris’ Family, Samih Sawiris and Orascom Hotels and Development, dating from about 1990. All hotels and buildings of the resort of El Gouna are located on small islands, connected by bridges and canals boats move through the channels there are beaches, hotels in the resort, golf course, as well as possible activities such as, yachting,
fishing, windsurfing, kite surfing, water skiing, and diving in the city is its own airport, for international and local flights there is an extensive transport system of bus and boat routes mobile motor scooters top top and a taxi, and a medical clinic, a golf club for 18 holes, four sandy beach on the shore of Red sea Mangroovy, Marina, Buzzha, Zeytouna there are also three islands in the sea in close proximity to El Gouna they’re called; Mahmeya, Tawila, Gobal ten diving centers, five kitesurfing centers tennis school, stables, karting, sailing and paintball Christian Church and Mosque, post office, aquarium. We visited the aquarium Aquarium is small and not outstanding… There is also a small historical museum which collects copies of famous Egyptian artifacts… Art Village (Neighborhood Tamr Henna), shops of artists, of potters, weavers, photographers and architectural structure “Desert Breath” Unfortunately, visiting the facilities of “Desert Breath” in the plans of the tour was not… guides do not have shown it to us but enjoys close proximity to El Gouna It was created by the D.A.ST. Arteam, a group made up of three Greek artists The sand dug out from the depressed cones was used to create the protruding cones, resulting in the displacement of 8000 cubic meters (10500 cubic yards) of sand. It consists of 89 protruding cones of gradually increasing size set in a spiral and another 89 depressed (incised) cones set in spirals. At the center of the art piece used to be a body of water 30 meters (98 feet) in diameter which has since evaporated.The artwork is subject to natural erosion and in due course the area will revert to original desert plain. It is viewable by satellite pictures via Google Earth. the link is in the description … That came to an end, our walk along El Gouna… Thanks for watching our video! If it was interesting for you, LIKE it, please and subscribe to Fritids Tur channel. See you later. Bye, bye!

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  1. Красивые места! Лайк! Заходите в гости – выложили видео с Шотландских Игр в городе Перт!

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  3. Как я хочу там побывать! Очень интересное место! 🙂
    Плывем на яхте и водных лыжах! :-)))

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