Hi guys Welcome to another episode of Evolve Weekly this week we’re talking all about off-road riding We’re going to start with some tips and tricks for setting up your board and finally some techniques to help take your riding to the next level one of the greatest things about the Evolve Boards is the ability to convert to an all-terrain setup this basically opens up a much wider range of areas and place where you can ride so anything from riding around people on a path through grass and gravel to get around
them to finding a dirt or bush track where you can go and ride even including like dirt and gravel BMX tracks it’s just a great way to find areas where you just otherwise wouldn’t normally be able to skate to So a great opportunity to see what the boards are capable of is the all-terrain race in the Evolve Riders World Cup So this not only showcases what the riders can do but what the boards can do In those situations we’re looking at grass, gravel, dirt tracks BMX tracks, bumps, mounds, berms and it’s sort of great to sort of see a combination of all together The all-terrain boards gonna come with the standard all-terrain tire it’s pretty much like a slick tire pretty good all-rounder it does alright in grass gravel and dirt but predominately you’re looking at road and hard surfaces doesn’t have quite as much traction as our, some of our other options but it is a great all-rounder and it does wear really well our other options are our off-road Knobbys So as you can see got a lot more tread on them bit better grip in grass, dirt. they do wear out a little bit quicker but you do notice the extra grip when you’re hooking around in dirt and grass On the road they might feel a little bit more slippery just because you have less contact patch but off-road situations, if that’s where you’re riding grass, dirt, gravel we’d recommend going towards these based on surfaces with loose gravel and grip you can really do with the extra grip that some of the off road tires will give you there’s various different types It really helps when you take bends fast doesn’t allow you to slide out Also another good tip is the extra grip on the side of the board Extra grip allows you to stop your feet sliding off so you can dig deep These tires are pretty durable but I like to use tire liners in between the tube and the tire and it’s just a little bit more assurance that I’m not going to get a flat when I’m out on a long ride Now if you’re a speed demon like me the 7 inch May not be enough for you so I like to go with the 8 inch tires I would definitely used some tire liners for these because they are not as strong as the evolve that’s the rubber they uses a little bit thinner I think but the top speed will be around 26-27 miles per hour obviously depending on where you’re riding and how you’re riding it’s going to affect how you want to set up the bushes if you’re riding on you know a long straight or hard packed trails so dirt, gravel, grass if it’s fairly hard packed no big turns or anything like that probably want a stiffer bushing set up it’s gonna give you better control of the board and eliminate a lot of those fish tails that you don’t want If you’re riding on a BMX track don’t need the bushings as tight you still want to be able to lean around those bends but you don’t want to super loose that it’s going to turn in too quickly and you’re going to wind up sliding off If you’re going out just for a pure bit of fun through grass gravel and you want to do those slides and you want to have a bit of fun that’s when you back your bushings right off you want them soft so you can get the board to lean you want the trucks to turn you want to be able to throw it around that’s when you go to your nice soft setting as with standard riding we always recommend you know all your safety gear helmet at a very minimum recommending elbow pads and knee guards riding off-road obviously you have less stability less traction, the chances of coming off are higher especially if you’re riding on those BMX tracks Keep yourself in one piece you don’t want to lose any skin we want to see you out riding as with any time you’re riding the board your center of gravity plays a massive part in how comfortable you feel on it and how stable you are so if you’re getting down a little bit lower keeping your knees bent you’re going to be able to absorb the bumps when you’re riding off road which are obviously inevitable and you’re going to get that center of gravity lower and it’s gonna be a little bit easier to control your body weight over the board it’s going to be easier to lean the board and actually just control the board in general One of the biggest things customers like to do is take the boards out to BMX tracks it’s a fun way to have you know blow off a bit of steam test out the board’s capabilities on different surfaces and you don’t have to worry about cars or kids or anything like that running out in front of you biggest thing though that people don’t get used to is the berms and the hills and pretty much everything that goes on with a BMX track biggest thing with a berm that people probably tend to do first up is turn too sharply So you find that when you come up to a berm because it’s banked don’t actually have to turn lean that much to get through it the banking of the berm carries you through so you don’t need to lean as much you would normally on flat ground you don’t want to change your speed too much keeping it fairly constant not braking, not accelerating just trying to flow-through look where you’re going, don’t look at the ground and it’s going to help you get through those tracks without issue so another difference you’re going to find riding off road to road is obviously traction biggest thing traction is going be noticeable in situations is on hills so you’ll find normally when you’re accelerating you want to get your weight over the
front of the board keep your balance and your stability if you do this on a hill you take your weight off the rear you’ll lose traction and you don’t go anywhere so you kind of need to find that nice balance of where you’re not going to fall over the back of the board when it accelerates but you need enough weight on the rear of the board that it keeps traction on the ground and actually gets you up that hill I like getting out on the BMX tracks a
fair bit it’s always just a good idea just to walk around the track and just check out the track a good thing, just roll your board over a few of the jumps and humps just to make sure that you’ve got clearance you don’t want to go flying over it and bottom out on some of the jumps Also if you’re going on some off-road tracks it’s just a good idea to take it easy to start with and just see what the terrain is like in front of you that there’s no logs or sticks or potholes full of water anything like that that could do damage to yourself or your boards Halfway points, so if you’re riding and you just just want to stop have a look at motors have a look your belts just check and make sure they’re all
good and it’s also good to keep a spare set of belts with you when you’re going off riding Thanks for watching I hope these tips help with your off-road riding and remember if you have any ideas for our future episodes please leave them in the comments below until then we’ll see you next week you

22 thoughts on “ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD OFF ROAD Like a Pro”

  1. I just found out that these boards arenโ€™t ethnically legal in Sydney ๐Ÿ™ Iโ€™ve had my board for 2 weeks no trouble so far but anyone know what I should do if I encounter a cop?

  2. can you showcase the custom carbon gt board that raced the go kart. and please make it available for purchase

  3. I noticed no one in the world cup uses foot straps or stops. Is that because of rules for the cup or just no one wants to use them? With foot straps I'd feel more confident on those bmx tracks.

  4. One of the main things that brought me to the evolve board was the option to customize and get replacement parts. I think you should have some more training videos on replacing/changing items, and possibly a video that compares all your boards vs. the competition i.e. Metro Board. Thanks for everything evolve! Great work =)

  5. Great video! Thanks for posting! I haven't skated in like 20 years so I bought the Bamboo GTX with the street setup. I've been practicing a little each week and I'm starting to improve a little bit. You guys are REALLY making me want to get the offroad kit now too.

  6. Love the off road boards Evolve! Are you guys planning on offering a wider tire for beach riding?…just curious. Cheers, John ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Hi my name is Daniel Santiago , i would love to share an idea i have , it will Elevate sales and take evolve to a place it's never been before please contact me I would take less than five minutes of your time, thank you, sincerely Daniel Santiago.

  8. so i recently got a Evolve bamboo GT with AT wheels and was riding with AT wheels and noticed that the edge of my tires rub a little against the belt guards causing a thing part of the tire to melt/shave off the side. is there a way to space it out a little or will it just rub down till it no longer touches.

  9. Does the 110mm wheels deliver less torque surface and if yes,,then is it noticeable,,is it really going to affect my hill climbing performance to the 83mm or 97mm wheels

  10. This is the coolest feature about the skateboards. Our roads are terrible, but this allows you to skate even our roads. Cheers!

  11. My Fave weekly Vid! Thanks for all the off-road tips. I never new about the tire liners I will def have to look Into that. My son and I will have to go practice at the BMX track! We will def have to get a second board soon. A Family ride will be awesome we take turns now. I also didnโ€™t think about walking the track great idea! ?

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