100 thoughts on “Electrician Builds Off-Grid Van To Surf The World”

  1. The sink-stove combination its actually great! The whole van is beautiful, and his way of living is the dream, going anywhere you want at anytime taking everything you have is great.

  2. His van is so neat and so organized. What an amazing idea! And the chance to explore and have fun to enjoy the places you camp out, Love it!

  3. I'm wanting to know has anyone took a double decker train car with an observation lounge and turned it in to a home. if so the cost to buy the train car the land then the conversion I'm also with multiple disabilities and of fixed incomes plus I'm in the US upper state NY.

  4. How much would it cost to hire a carpenter to do all the carpentry work in the van and an electrician to do all the electrical work?

  5. What a fantastic job you did!!! Live your van! I've got one myself and I'm thinking of changing a bit. I think the man, who transformed the van, didn't insulate it well. So, what dud you use for unsulation???

  6. Cool video. Little tip though! For you small kitchen counter that folds down, loose the latch and install a piece of wood along the fixed counter with a small lip over hanging. Your counter will end up looking more flush.

  7. I love the draws with the cleaning products and tins and how they pulls right out! I've seen so many van conversions that have very deep but disorganised cupboards which I would hate to have.

  8. It would be useful to know how tall he is when he shows us the bed. My partner is 6'1" so I find that most van conversions wouldn't be suitable for us and I am always looking for conversions that would be suitable for us

  9. That is a great van set up you have, I tried to do similar with a long wheel base hi roof, but after fitting shower and cassette toilet I decided I needed more space and went for a four birth Winnebago. Three things I would recommend to a fellow electrician is you can never have to many solar panels on the roof, diesel heaters drawing from the vehicle fuel tank are a great money saver for being able to boon dock…. also there are some really cheap good pre paid phone plans that give unlimited phone calls, text and 40gig of data per month below $330 per year. Living the dream!

  10. Wow! Another cool person. He has learnt heaps converting this van into his NZ home on wheels. Most likely discovered he could do things he never thought he could do. Great attitude. I like how he uses the private camp grounds in the winter, this not only provides 240 volt power and shower and laundry facilities but helps the camp owners big time with revenues other their quite winter months. Thanks Johnny. I’m surprised how high the Ford Transit Van is. Bryce must be very close to, if not two metres tall and he stood upright inside.

  11. They need to tell us the length of their bed and their height. Really hard to gauge how much space I’d need and can I fit in that. 6 foot exactly keeps me out of a lot of vans.

  12. Truly amazing. Didn't know New Zealand was so beautiful. I am in Jamaica now. Enjoy your freedom. Loved the video n your van.

  13. The wood and the way he designed the shelves and the surf boards hanging from the ceiling gives it a wonderful boat feel!

  14. Oh that help hearing from another kiwi who is actually doing the van life that’s so awesome πŸ‘

  15. This is amazing. Nothing in life is permanent, so, I am happy to see that this person is continuing to live their life despite negative comments and ideas about the van that was refurbished. Nice touch. Beautiful space! Be well, mate! πŸ˜€ <3

  16. I like it except for the lack of bathing. I suppose one could heat up the water and stand there to bath at the sink as much as possible . You do what ya gotta do I guess.

  17. The photography is absolutely amazing! New Zealand is so beautiful! This young man has given himself a great life!

  18. I've seen a lot of van interior, this is the one that gives an open space inside. His designs keep it to the minimum and built only what are essential on daily needs.

  19. This is about "choosing quality of life over the quantity of your possessions" β€” beautifully put, Bryce. I love the simplicity of the van (and that sink/hob combo is seriously cool). Thank you, Bryce and Johnny!

  20. Hi Bryce and Rasa, I loved this one although I'm not used to you showing van conversations… I've been to New Zealand in 1985. We hired a motor home and although it was expensive we spent a FANTASTIC 2 weeks exploring all the beauty that is New Zealand! Since I'm an Aussie you've put the idea in my head that maybe I could move to NZ for a while, do a van conversation like Johnny's then explore you're beautiful country in more depth! 2 weeks just isn't enough!!

    Johnny's van looks very functional, especially given that it's a shorter wheel base by the look of it. The perfect set up for Johnny to work and travel for surfing. I love that he's managed to fit his surfboards inside and a toilet. Thanks again for another invitational video, even if it is a year old I'm only seeing it now!!

  21. 2:50 That mug is from a surf shop in my hometown, San Sebastian, Spain. I definitely wasn't expecting that.

    Really cool van btw

  22. How spacious and beautiful. My only concern about vans is what if someone steals it or one get's hijacked? That's a real concern. You'd lose everything in one fell swoop and I don't think insurance could recover all that hard work and memories. Be safe Johnny πŸ™‚

  23. Every second that much solar energy we receive on Earth surface from the Sun that every second provides enough power to run EVERYTHING on Earth by it FOR about A YEAR long. !

  24. I'm a union electrician I will be able to travel and work and I plan on doing this as well with the van. This is amazing

  25. Wonderful drone footage! This really brings the whole argument of living in a van (in New Zealand) to an unarguable conclusion. A great choice in a spectacular country.

  26. People in many places of the US are living miserably in their cars out of necessity. Here is this guy living a dream life in his van – only possible due to a combination of having the right job, personal skills and being in New Zealand.

  27. Thank you for always asking questions about the practicality of these situations. For one example, my burning question throughout this episode was "where does he park for long periods of time?" and you asked that!

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