Elephant out for a swim gets emergency rescue at sea

And now to a “NewsHour” shares, something
that caught our eye, that might be of interest to you, too. Navy teams around the globe are often called
in to assist in rescue efforts. But, this week, one maritime mission in the
Indian Ocean helped a unique creature in need. The “NewsHour”‘s Julia Griffin explains. JULIA GRIFFIN: It was a routine patrol for
a Sri Lankan naval team Tuesday morning, when they spotted something unusual bobbing among
the ocean waves, not a bird or a boat, but rather a fully grown Asian elephant, struggling
to stay afloat nearly 10 miles offshore. Elephants are some of the best swimmers of
land mammals, thanks to buoyant bodies and trunks that can be used as snorkels, but this
pachyderm appeared fatigued and distressed. Officials believe the animal had been trying
to cross the Kokkilai Lagoon off the country’s northeast coast when it was swept out to sea. Deciding to intervene, the Navy and Department
of Wildlife dispatched additional teams to the area, initiating a mammoth-sized rescue
effort. The divers plunged into the salty water to
soothe the elephant and loop a tow rope around its body. Over the next 12 hours, they gently towed
Jumbo, as it was affectionately dubbed, back to the Sri Lankan coast. And as day turned to night, rescue teams reached
their destination, releasing Jumbo exhausted but alive into the shallow water.

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