Enjoy unique leisure sports in a city park: river surfing! [Battle Trip / 2017.07.21]

I heard there is the beer bike in Germany. – Beer bike? / – It’s quite interesting. Beer bike tour is riding a bike while drinking. – Riding a bike while drinking? / – Yes. – But it’s drunk driving. / – Well… You won’t drive the bike. Then do I drink beer while someone else is driving it? You sit at a cart bar and drink beer… That looks so funny. – That’s something new. / – I think it’ll be fun. – Right. It’ll be fun. / – Yes. – That looks like fun. / – We saw a beer spa last time. – A beer spa? / – It was during my trip. That’s amazing. How do you drink like that? (Cheers!) – Really? / – It’s a beer spa. – While drinking. / – While drinking beer. We have to wear a special outfit. – This is it. / – What are you talking about? I’m in charge of the schedule in Germany. I think we should do this. What do you think? – Who are you talking to? / – What are you doing? Me. – What kind of outfit is this? / – It’s traditional clothing. Doesn’t it make you excited? You can rent clothes? We wanted the full experience. He prepared a lot of unnecessary things. (The jacket looks hot) (It’s leather) – What’s that? / – We’ll sweat to death. Isn’t this amazing? (We will show you the traditional outfit of Germany) – What’s this? / – Here. (They burst into laughter) Oh, no. Isn’t that what you wear to go mushroom picking? You are ready to bike. How does this make me ready to bike? You’ve turned a 37-year-old into a 7-year-old. It’s hilarious that you’re wearing matching clothes. Can’t you wear your pants a bit lower on your hip? That’s how you wear it. That’s how you wear it. Let’s go ride that beer bike. – Wait, I’m not ready. / – Come on. This is it. This is the beer bike? Wow, what’s that? Those are beer bikes. That’s awesome. How much beer do they give you? – 5L. / – 5L. (Up to 6 people and you can choose a city tour) You get a keg of beer. If you finish it, you can’t drink more even if you pay more. Isn’t it electronically-powered? I’m sure it is. – I don’t think so. / – Look how thick the tires are. This cycle… Moving only… How do I say it? Personal power? What? It has no engine. – No engine? / – No. No electricity? No electricity. It’s only has pedals. Only pedals? It’s very analog. Okay, she said it’s an analog bike. – Let’s go. / – How do you say that in German? Los geht’s. – Los geht’s. / – Los geht’s. – Los geht’s. / – Here they go. Pedal. – It moves easily. / – This is interesting. This is nice. You sit in a circle. We need this in Korea. That’s fun. – I bet. / – It’s fun. Lee K Tour. I think even Germans find it interesting. They stare at us. Their looks are different. Some smile as they look at us and some have a questioning look on their faces. They must find it interesting. Is the lady steering the bike? Yes, she steers it and we make it move. Look over there. – The city hall. / – The city hall. – The city hall. / – Right, the city hall. Very beautiful. Beer bike. Beer is great. It’s very innovative. Okay. That’s enough. I see a tour bus. (City tour bus) They are waving. She waved at me. Hi. ♪ We must’ve drank too much beer ♪ – ♪ My heart… ♪ / – They didn’t edit that out? ♪ We can’t fall asleep ♪ That looks so fun. (They enjoy their tour with a beer) (Time might pass by but memories last forever) This is the English Garden. This is the English Garden. Wow, that looks fun. – Since you have beer. / – I’d be so happy. It’s very pretty there. There’s a reason it’s famous. It’s very pretty. You thought you were in England, didn’t you? I’ve never been so I don’t know. (English Garden) The people there take off their clothes and lie down when the sun comes out. That’s right, they lie down. – Wow. / – Right. – They lie down like that. / – They can. The weather was nice and many people were sunbathing. Wow. It’s pretty. This is one of the highlights. – It’s very pretty. / – Of the English Garden. It makes me want to jump in the water. Do you have to return the bike too? – She takes it back. / – Right. – You can get off wherever you want? / – Yes. – That’s nice. / – That’s convenient. It’s so pretty here. Wow. This is unbelievable. I heard they love it here because there aren’t any beaches nearby. You don’t need a beach if you had this. We’re going to go surfing here. – Here? / – Yes. Oh, you mean you? You will? (They get closer to the sound of water) This must be the surfing zone. – Wow. / – This is amazing. (They surf in the park) – What’s that? / – That’s me. Is that an artificial wave? They made a stream in the English Garden and you can surf there. That’s unbelievable. Not anyone can surf there. – Only good surfers are allowed. / – I see. Then you can’t learn there? – No. / – It’s dangerous. – The waves are too strong. / – Dangerous for amateurs. Look at that. (You’re going to surf here?) Can you do it? – Do what? / – That. How could I do that? That’s out of the question. It’s dangerous. I can’t. You have to be a skilled surfer. – That’s amazing. / – It’s fun to watch. (He looks scared of the current) This is a bit too difficult for us. It’s more than a bit too difficult. Were you really going to surf here? – There’s a beginner’s course. / – We’ll die. There’s a beginner’s course. There’s a beginner’s course outside. That’s where we’re going to give it a try. – Let’s go. / – Is there an easy course? – That’s a relief. / – Don’t talk nonsense. If you go 10 to 15 minutes from the English Garden, there is a course for beginners. Ta-da! Is this Munich? – Look. / – Is this Munich? This is the first place in Germany… Most people surf in the sea, right? Surfing is meant for the sea. (Is there a law that it should only be done at the sea?) This is the beginner’s course. – Really? / – Yes. Those who are good here… The place in English Garden. – Can go to the place we saw? / – Yes. It says beginner’s course but everyone is so good. It looks like skilled surfers are there to warm up. I heard it’s a beginner’s course and thought the waves would be smooth… – But they aren’t. / – What’s this? I can’t do this. Can’t we learn? From who? It doesn’t look easy. (It said it was a beginner’s course) – Can we do this? / – I don’t know. – Alright. / – Let’s go closer. We might find a way to do it. – When will we get to surf here? / – Right. This is my very first time. This is my third time. Don’t worry. – Third time? / – Yes. They stand up very quickly because it’s a beginner’s course. Doesn’t it look fun? My legs are shaking. (The girl they just talked to is a skilled surfer) Some are that good. – Do you have to wait until she falls? / – Yes. The person behind you two are lucky. He said that’s his third time yet he was so good. (Will they do a good job?) (Lee Hyun gives river surfing a try first) I bet he falls right away. – Have you surfed before? / – No, that’s my first time. – Is it your first time? / – Yes. I really need help because this is my first time. – They were very nice. / – That’s right. (The girl surfer lent a helping hand) Wait, wait. I didn’t think I could do it. – Good luck. / – The current is strong. (I accept your challenge) Show us something. I wonder what happened. Will he be able to… (On his first attempt?) Bye. The woman behind you is lucky. That could be dangerous if you fall on your side. That’s dangerous. Even if you fall, the current carries you away. (Cannot keep his mouth closed) Will you make us laugh? K.will is good at sports. – What? / – You’re good at sports. (Everyone is watching) Let’s go, let’s go. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. He’s going for it. He let go. (Huh?) No way. (Huh?) (Where did K.will go?) It’s hard to do that. It’s very difficult. These people… They picked a good line. It’s incredible how they built that. (As if?) He seems good. That must’ve been a blow to your pride. This kid… Children wear a helmet. – Right? / – Yes. – You might hurt your head. / – So good. (Even little kids can do it) (We can do it too) You have to stand at least once. That kid was good. (No matter how times they try) K.will can’t even stand. Try it. I think he fell right into the water. (Please stand up this time) Come on. ♪ This is hopeless ♪ Geez. I’ll put my hope in Hyun. Hyun might be better. (How will Lee Hyun’s last try go?) Let’s do this. He stood up! He stood up. Nice. (He has good posture) – Nice. / – He did it! – Now move over. / – Move, move. Go, go. You did it. – He stood up. / – Hey! K.will must feel embarrassed. You don’t have to be good at everything. You don’t have to be good at everything. But you were way too bad at it. You didn’t try again? I didn’t want people to lose interest after watching us. – It’s a lot of fun. / – Yes, it is. We didn’t know this existed before now. You have to visit Munich to try it. I did think this. That I could come back for this. We were scared to try at first, but once you try it… It’s fun, right? It felt like shooting. You take a long time getting ready… – Bang. / – Then bang, it’s over. That’s how it felt. One of yours was like archery. Then over. It’s like when I go to the sauna with my mom. – The general review of Germany… / – So chatty. It’s a very famous city in Europe but you never hear that people did something here in Munich. I don’t know why but I thought it’d be a shade of gray. So I was worried but those worries are gone. It was a very nice trip. Your faces look very bright. – It was a lot of fun. / – It would be okay… To stay longer even for a layover. I think enjoying your layovers is a great way to travel. That’s what I think. Are preparations for our Denmark trip going well? I’m looking forward to it. Of course. This is Denmark. This is our second trip. Welcome! Beers from all over the world. You must not know. Is that a country of beer too? Is Denmark known for beer as well? It’s like a picture. (A dream playground that takes them back to childhood) Let’s sleep well for 12 hours. We’ll get ready for our trip in Denmark tomorrow. – Lee. / – K. Tour. You don’t stop drinking beer. That isn’t the end, it’s just a stopover. – It’s nice. / – That’s the beginning. You had a nice and busy schedule. I thought of it as a gray city so I was a little worried. This is what I think. It’s better once you go there. (At times, it was friendly and at times, it was warm) (It was precious because they were together) (Happiness is this moment together rather than) (Time that’s already passed) That was a lot of fun I’m nervous. Boah kept touching her arm. – I asked her why. / – Aren’t you cold? No, I got goose bumps. – Why? / – She isn’t feeling well, I bet. It was because it was fun. – Really? / – Which part did you like the most? The surfing at the end. Who came up with the idea of building that? It’s really novel, right? Who made that in the city? Surfing in the city is a great idea. That’s for the locals, right? Is there an entrance fee? There is no entrance fee. – But there’s a rental shop nearby. / – Rental shop. You can rent the board and suit for $100. – All day? / – $100? This is cheap because the sun sets very late in Germany. It sets at 11 p.m.? It was bright till 11. It was light outside during the whole video. People surf until after 10 p.m. – Really? / – I don’t believe that. – Really. / – Because the sun is still up. – Really. / – No wonder. You said it was 3 days and 2 nights but it seemed more like 6 days and 5 nights. We didn’t see any night scenes. – You’re right. / – There wasn’t a nightscape. – Because it doesn’t get dark. / – Right. So that’s why. I thought you drank so much that you ended all the shoots during the day. No, no. We filmed it until right up to the point we went to bed. – Really? / – I’m sorry but… – We need to see how much it cost. / – It cost… – Lee. / – K. Tour. The total budget for 3 days and 2 nights in Munich per person. Per person! It was $540.20 in total. – What? / – Even with the classic car rental? – Not bad. / – It’s really cheap. Let’s get ready for the vote. – Stand up. / – Stand up. Any last words? The theme of our trip was a stopover. It’s nice to choose a place you’ve never visited and somewhere you don’t know when you’ll get a chance to visit in the future. That’s why we chose Munich… And I’m sure you’ll make unexpected memories here. Vote for us. Would you travel like Lee K Tour to Munich in Germany or not? Cast your vote. – Munich. / – Cast your vote. – Munich. / – I’m curious. (Lee K Tour planned a trip to Munich) (What will the judges choose?) I’m sure more people will vote than the first half. It has to go up a lot. Next episode, we will be visiting Poland. Look forward to it. We will greet you next time. Thank you!

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