Episode 1 “Snapper” – Coco Ho Tour Diaries | Volcom

I’m looking forward to my eighth year on
the world tour. I’m packing up and gearing all my focus onto the next three events in Australia. It’s a lot of competition back to back, but I’m really focused and excited
to start the New Year with a clean slate. What makes me a tough competitor is probably my passion to want to surf well and surf my best and my drive to want to win heats. Idon’t put the jersey on for nothing. I definitely want to perform every time I compete and if it’s a win, obviously that’s going to drive me to keep wanting to win, but I definitely go out there with the intention to perform to the best of my abilities. Winning is just the cherry on top. Having Mark (Mark McMorris/Pro Snowboarder/Boyfriend), even though he can’t be here; he has a career of his own, goals, passions and dreams of his own to pursue. It’s nice, we have that distance and space to focus on ourselves and in these selfish sports, you know, competition is so selfish and grueling at times, but even though we’re not there for each other physically, we’re definitely always there for each other mentally and emotionally. He helps me sike up and instills that faith
and trust in myself and in my abilities. He’s that rock when I lose or when I win, you know? He’s just there; it’s really nice, no matter what happens. He’s a competitor, he’s a fighter, he’s seen it all through, so I could never get mad at anything he says because I’m like yep you know! Being a part of the World Surf League, we
are all here for one common goal, to be the world’s best and show case our talents, but at the end of the day we’re traveling around for the past few years with the same faces and we make these bonds and friendships, it’s kind of like a brotherhood and sisterhood. Away from the contest scene, we’re really good friends and we cherish each other’s
company. We all understand that when it’s the next day and the jersey is on, it’s all about trying to win Having my dad here at Snapper’s is fun because he loves to surf and watching him surf all day makes me siked to surf. It’s nice having him on the beach between heats and seeing his passion for my success is second to none. I’m really lucky. My dad’s been coming to Snapper with me since day one. This is my eighth year on tour, so it’s our eighth time here together. Having my dad here for the first event is definitely reassuring and kind of just that comfort aspect. When we’re at home it’s no different, we’re just waking up, having coffee, going surfing together. It’s almost that feeling of getting in a routine and getting back on tour in the most comforting way. Matt Bemrose: I’ve been working with Coco for eight years, maybe longer since PG, when she a was little grom. She’s got that real personable kind character, that kind when everyone meets her, they enjoy it. That’s why she has so many fans all over the world because she’s so giving of her time. You spend a little time with Coco, you come away from it going “yeah she’s a bloody legend.” In a heat between sets you’re trying to focus on where to put yourself for the best potential score. This morning in round one, it was just really high tide, and I felt like I was stuck between two peaks. I was definitely super devastated that I didn’t take advantage of round one and not being able to open up and get to surf. It’s seriously frustrating. This has been my diary, come join me next time.

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