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  1. Was amazing to see you in Lisbon Matt! We have put together a super simple site (non-commercial) with our absolute best Portugal travel tips (particularly areas within a couple hours of Lisbon). Check it out: www.PortugalTravel.com

  2. Your Lisbon show was great. I love hearing stories of cities that have been given new life after being in a long term decline. The food and people look amazing. Thanks for another insightful episode, Matt.

  3. Great job Matt! Traveling in Portugal this summer for a couple of months.. now am even more super stoked!

  4. https://fazfrio.pt/
    In “FAZ FRIO”, we prepare recipes that have been lost in time, add a flavour from the present, and serve them with a touch of modern times. With more than 150 years of history, FAZ FRIO, can be found in the heart of Principe Real (Lisbon). During that time it has been the scene of conspiracies, intellectual debate and literary gatherings it has been a popular haunt of many sailors and hosted countless happy and memorable evenings soundtracked by the Portuguese guitar.

  5. As Matt recommended, being deeply integrated into your community's festivals and artisans is absolutely essential. While Lisbon is burdened with overtourism, the city in Matt's episode seemed much less so. Perhaps overtourism can be ratcheted back by visiting nearby towns, and by doing so, quite literally, take the road less traveled.

  6. Thank you for sharing Lisbon. The iron railings, the architecture, and the views are beautiful. And for sure, all that food looks delicious!!

  7. Oh no Portugal and Matt now I am hungry, thirsty and ready to go to Lisbon! Looked amazing. Great job with the music in the show, the rhythms added this upbeat cadence that had a big impact.

  8. Thanks for the recommendations Matt. Will be in Lisbon soon following your steps. Staying at the same condo and doing recommended tours. So excited. Thanks. Best wishes,

  9. Two of my favorite things – wine and bread! After seeing this episode, I'm bummed that I didn't plan a side trip to Lisbon during my time in Spain last month! Next time for sure! Great job Matt and team 🙂

  10. Hey! I'm Portuguese and a tour guide/tuktuk driver, I liked your video a lot and makes the difference off the usual tourists! If u need anything one day or want to take a look on it, here goes my pages of instagram and facebook tuktuk life portugal.
    Keep going and cheers!

  11. That's a very lovely apartment! But waaay more than normal people can afford still:D if someone interested like I was – I made my Lisbon apartment tour aswell. It's only 500 € a month

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