EVERY SKATER EVER – Skateboarding Stereotypes

Ahh, this ledge has no wax on it. There we go, yeah. Yes. The more wax, the better, guys… Welcome, everybody to another episode of Skateline NBD… Hey man, can you hand me a napkin? They’re in the glovebox. Yeah man, I got you. Whoah… Do you have enough crap in here? Here you go, man. Hey, what was that? Nollie backside bigspin. Nollie backside? Yep. Alright… Whoah, dude, nollie BACKside. Backside/the other way That was backside… You’re a little close. Too close? Dude, DUDE, you are way too close, man. Alright, I’ll stay back, I’ll stay back. Dude, you’ve got to back off! Hey man I’ve got to tell you something kind of personal…uhh I think I have a hemorrhoid. What’s up? Ooh, that was all off balance. Rebate! Ugh! One more! One more. One more? Alright, last one, okay? One more! I swear man, one more. Alright, one more, one more, one more… Alright dude, last try! Ah please, please don’t put the camera down. Let me get one more. Let me get one more. Didn’t I tell you it was only one more?! Man, that was like…that was like five more, dude! Double board grind to toe flip? Right into balancing act to after flip? What?! Like a deluxe ankle spin to backwards? Silly stance to dump truck? Oh my gosh, canyon drop right into…what is this gonna be? 360 backhand tickle tuck? The uhh, reverse cattle wagon. Oh wow, kipping 270 tweaked air out… …and then obviously the uhh…220 heel twist! Woo hoo! 360 pop kiss bangarang?! No way, whirlybird tornado flip to ollie stance?

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