Exeter student rides the wave to develop new surfboard technology

As a surfer I like wooden surfboards, but
the problem is they’re too heavy. I had the idea to make a wooden surfboard,
but I had no idea how to start a company and I didn’t have any money to make
prototypes. My name is Duncan I’m an Exeter University physics student and
I’m in my fourth and final year. So I was living in Australia at the time and I
sent an email to two people at Think:Try:Do and we we had our first meeting which
was a Skype meeting where we talked over some of the details basic
business plan and worked out the fine details of what it was that I hope to do
and how I was going to go about doing it. I think Charlie’s been really useful by
putting me in contact with Exeter alumni. He had gone to become a successful
entrepreneurs. Every conversation I’ve had with these people, I’ve taken
something away from and it’s driven me forward a bit. I think if I hadn’t
contacted Think:Try:Do then at the moment I’d still be thinking it’d be nice to
start a company. Making these at some point in the future. The drive that I’ve
had by talking to other people and getting other people involved has been
phenomenal and without them I don’t like thing I’d have made nearly as much progress.

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