Falling Apart – Candidate Sailing Stories – Episode 5

When I tell someone that I am a sailor they say ‘that is why you are tanned’ because they assume that we are laying on the deck with a beer and relax in the sun the whole day. What they don’t know, or at least don’t see is that there is an other part of the competitive sport. It’s pretty hard to show or explain it to someone especially because it would cost so much time and money , which (until now) wasn’t invested. (Why I love this sport?) Some times I don’t understand it either, but you can travel the world and no day is like the other Every day, race, broad reach, down wind – it’s never the same that is something I love. Yeah, we spoke about of course you can practice like … capsizing on purpose but then it’s not … It’s not unexpected, no? For the routine, it’s very good, to have this in most conditions as possible and react as fast as possible. I think for that, it’s very good. I think it’s a good practice to change the plan and finde a solution I don’t think it’s a good practice for the … For the capsizing? No … for the unexpected because … Luca would you say … I had the idea actually to put in the training camp the task that one of us is doing in the middle of a training race a huge fuck-up which makes … yeah-yeah I understood what you said in the beginning. I think it’s good for practice of changing the plan and finding the solution I don’t think it’s a practice for the mental condition because it’s because of me … Then do the third one, which is more important Laura ! Is it okay? You see it ? Anna why don’t you go outside before instead of staying there I was… No you were not you were standing on the boat, you were not trapezing. I see you downstairs. Olympic sailing is a different level beeing at the starting line, is fascinating right before the race and it means everything to me it’s and indescribable feeling and if you manage to bring good results than it’s even better… VHF: Alpha six … So basically what I was measuring was on the right a bit more pressure there is more breeze than before but still it’s kind of the same the clouds are the same, the colors of the water are the same, the wind direction is the same … Angie … don’t worry – it’s difficult. I feel like … I don’t know as soon as I get into a little bit of shit I only do bad decisions It’s normal, you think you are the only one? Yeah, but I am the only one who fucks it up that much always Did you see the brazilian today? Yeah but she at least … At least what? She is a gold medallist ‘She at least …’ what? You ‘at least …’ It’s difficult Angie, it’s difficult. Medal race are the Top10 of all the participants and on the 5th day of the World Cup Series you have one last race – the Top10 medal race and that’s really exciting. It’s short and crispy. It’s a great atmosphere and it is broadcasted live If it’s a reasonable time regarding the time zone then friends and family at home follow the races. And I really like those races even if we did not have many but we had some and I loved it. The lost a lot …. because they didn’t chose the right lane *sighs*. Yes, I think it’s hard to be the coach of 6 ladies and to be patient with us but I think he is quite happy about the progress of each team but yeah, it’s still a long road. Where do you go? SAILING! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL!
Next Episode: May, 16th.

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