Fantastic Sea Creatures…and Where to Find Them!

(dramatic music) – That was amazing! Our first sea turtle encounter. Woo! – [Mark] High five. A turtle! Turtle experience. (airplane engine purrs) – [Narrator] One of the
most important aspects of producing episodes for
the Brave Wilderness Channel is deciding what
locations to explore. We choose these epic backdrops, not only based on their
visual appearance, but also on the
variety of animals that we may possibly encounter. The stunning visual backdrop
of the Hawaiian islands is one of the most incredible
places we have ever filmed. And while the pre-historic
looking mountains and dense jungles
were picture perfect, it was actually
the ocean wildlife that we were interested in. Right now, we are on
the coast of Kauai, on a remote beach. And I told you guys, eventually we were going
to go beyond the tide. And today is our first
day of snorkeling. So what we’re gonna
do is put on our gear, get into this
crystal-clear water, and see what sort of
animals we can get close to with our under-water cameras. You guys ready? – [Chance] Let’s do it. – [Mario] Alright,
let’s gear up, and head out to the tides. – [Chance] Mahalo! Below the surface of the
surrounding Pacific Ocean, lives an incredibly diverse
world of plants and animals, which made this location an absolute must on this
year’s production schedule. However, before we could
scuba dive below the surface, first we needed to
scout several locations to determine where the
best reefs existed, and also what kind of
animals called these underwater refugees home. For decades, snorkeling has been a popular
recreational activity. Particularly at tropical
resort locations. The appeal is that it
gives the opportunity to observe underwater
life in a natural setting. And for us, it was the
perfect preparation for our upcoming scuba episodes. Woo! How’d you do, Mario? – That was awesome! Saw some really cool stuff. I saw like a four
foot long pipefish. – [Chance] Really? – Yeah. – Get a shot of it? – Hopefully. – See what I got. It’s really hard to
film down there, huh? – [Mario] Yeah, yeah,
it’s pretty neat, though, it’s like, the
jungle in the ocean. Ya know? They’re full of wildlife. – [Chance] Totally. – Yeah, really cool. – [Chance] Filming under
water is difficult. So we relied heavily on GoPro
Cameras to capture images. Mario, Mark and myself all began to explore
the crystal-clear water investigating as best we could with the hopes of
spotting animals we might be able
to get close with, or even safely catch
and bring to the surface to present in more detail. – Woo! Wow! We spot some pretty
epic stuff so far. Lots of bio-diversity. Huge sea cucumbers. Huge sea urchins. I saw some puffer fish,
that was pretty cool. I saw maybe we move spots. Try to find a spot that I heard
about that has sea turtles. What do you guys
think about that? – [Chance] That sounds awesome. – Alright, let’s
head back into shore and switch locations. – [Chance] Alright. The first location
was beautiful. But unfortunately,
the biodiversity
was a little sparse. So we decided to
explore a second spot. – Alright, guys, we made
it to our next spot. Mario, you look pretty ready. – Yup, let’s do it. – See some deeper pockets
of blue out there, which means deeper water and even better
places to explore. So you guys are ready, let’s gear up and get into the water. – [Chance] Alright. Let’s head back out, guys. – [Mario] Let’s do it! – [Chance] Our second
snorkel location was immediately promising. For within a few moments of
being beneath the surface, we came upon a green sea turtle. This reptile’s diet
varies based on age. As youngsters, they
are opportunistic, feasting on almost anything
that comes across their paths. However, once they
reach adult size, like the one seen here, their diet strictly
becomes marine plants, like sea grass and algae. For nearly ten minutes, we respectfully observe
this giant marine turtle, until a few strong strokes
of its front flippers propelled it forward. And we watched as it disappeared into the haze of the current. – Woo! Wow! That was amazing! Our first sea turtle encounter. I got some epic
shots, how about you? – [Mark] Oh yeah, man,
I had you in the parade. That was so cool. Man, it just, it didn’t
mind us being there at all. – [Mario] No, I just
stayed a safe distant. I mean, I was extended all
the way out with my AquaPod. Probably at least 10
feet back from it, but with this I was
able to get super close. That was epic. Woo! – [Mark] High five. – A turtle! Turtle experience. Oh my gosh, that was amazing. – [Mark] We’re pretty
far from shore. – [Mario] Yeah we are,
man, we kept following. Let’s head back
in that direction. – [Mark] Alright. – [Mario] We are way out there. – [Chance] Seeing a green
sea turtle was magical, but strict protections
prevented us from making contact
with the animal. And it’s certainly not one
we were allowed to catch and bring to the surface. So it was time to scout
the next location. I’m pretty confident
we might see some of the animals we’re gonna
be filming later this week. – [Mario] Yeah, that’s the goal, scouting this location to
determine what lives here and then think about what
we can actually bring up from the depths and bring
in front of the cameras. – Yup. – [Mario] It isn’t easy
filming under water. – Yeah, well and
when you’re diving, when you’re at depth,
your maneuverability really limited because, ya know, you’re weighted down,
you’ve got the tank, you’ve got all the gear. You’ve got a really
limited amount of time because you only
have so much air. When we’re snorkeling, we can cruise the
surface super fast, cover a much wider net of area. Ya know, really just
see where the animals are hanging out because
that’s the who idea of this, is to figure out
where to target. So, today we’re gonna be
takin’ a lot of mental notes, then we get back to the
truck, taking physical notes on where we’re gonna dive
here in a couple days. – [Chance] Mario, you ready? Alright, guys, I’m gettin’ my mask on. We’re headin’ out there. They say third time’s a charm. And as we held our breath and disappeared beneath
the crashing waves, the reef below us reveled
a world of marine animals. Fish of all shapes,
sizes and colors darted in every direction. Some of them were so
brilliantly bright, it almost seemed unreal. I have to admit, the toughest part
about snorkeling is holding your breath. And at best, I was
able to hold my breath for around a minute before I needed to
turn to the surface for a much-needed gasp of air. – [Chance] What did you see? – Huge sea urchin! Oh my gosh! Biggest sea urchin
I’ve ever seen! – [Mario] It was
like a basketball. – [Mark] Oh man! That is not the kind of
urchin you wanna run into, that’s for sure. I think I got a pretty
good shot of it, deep down at at least
25 feet, I’d say. – [Chance] On my next
trek beneath the surface, I found one
completely safe animal that I decided to
bring to the surface. The red slate pencil urchin. Wow! That is crazy cool looking! Well, as you can see, all these little appendages are gonna allow it to
lock it to the rocks. And, this one was on a
flat surface like that, so without these little arms
extended out into a crevice. – [Chance] They are really
stuck to those rocks. – They really are, like, extreme in anchor points. It’s interesting because
this one doesn’t seem to have tube feet like
some of the others, but maybe behind all
those little arms
stickin’ off they do. Good thing is, it’s not spikey. So this one doesn’t appear
to be venomous or poisonous. Totally safe, right? – [Mark] Yeah, that’s fine. – Not gonna hurt you at all. That’s awesome. So much biodiversity now here. Alright, well lots of
clouds rollin’ in here. We’re actually gettin’ dragged
pretty close to these rocks. So, I think at this point, let’s place is back
down beneath the surface and head into shore. You guys ready? – [Mark] Yeah. – [Chance] This species
is incredibly plentiful in the coastal water
of the Hawainn islands. And they get the
name pencil urchin because of their radial spines
that resemble red pencils. For nearly an hour,
we explored the reef and saw more animals than
we could’ve ever imagined. The biodiversity was incredible, and we knew this would
be the perfect place to set our scuba
diving episodes. – Man, talk about
an epic location! There were so many
marine animals out there. When they said it
was bio-diverse, man they hit the
nail on the head. – [Mark] How about those
turtles, first of all? – Dude, the sea
turtles were amazing. I got better shots
of sea turtles today than I’ve ever gotten with
snapping turtles before. And I think it
almost warrants us doing a sea turtle episode. – [Mark] I think not only do
we need to do a sea turtle episode, but I need
to get back out there with our tanks
because every time we did one of those deep dives, the place just opened
up with new creatures. There was sea urchins, there
was all kinds of cool fish, and we know down there,
there are eels and octupus and gotta have the tanks
to see those creatures. – Well, stay tuned, guys, because our first
scuba diving adventure is coming up here real soon. I’m Coyote Peter sayin’ be brave, stay wild, we’ll see you on
the next location. Woo! Hey Coyote Pack. Have you picked up your tickets for the Brave
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crew on our next big adventure. I am so proud to have
written this book and it was inspired by a lot
of the adventures we have had.

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  1. in hawaii turdles are endangerd so you cant be that close toit their is a $500 fine i should know i live here

  2. Interesting thing about a lot of the turtles in Hawaii, they actually like to come up to people. I’ve been boogie boarding out in some public beaches, and turtles have come towards me a bunch of times. I move away though, because of the laws, but many really like being by humans. I think it might be the sense of safety that feel around humans.

  3. Me when i go to the beach:OMG i saw a fish! And its blue not grey, it must be rare!

    And this dude is handiling deadly animals in Ocean .

  4. In Hawaii we we snorkeling through one of the beaches of Kona and my dad went down to see the pencil urchin up close. The urchin had really sharp spikes on the outside. It literally cut through my Dad’s suit!

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