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Hi! I welcome you warmly! I haven’t said that for a long time straight to the camera, so maybe I said a bit I have a little kater so if I had a different voice changed and sounded a bit like a goat then don’t be scared I wanted to record a loose movie today or Figure Skating Tag and I will answer 10 questions related to figure skating And that’s probably all about it, so I invite you cordially to watch! I think we can start now The first question is: What level are you at? When it comes to level, I don’t know exactly In a way I know that a feat has its specific classes and that they pass the tests However, I will be myself always qualify as Adult Skater because I started at the age of 17 and comparing yourself to people who have been traveling since childhood it really doesn’t make sense And looking at skills and on the elements that I can make, I think this will be Adult Gold I think this will be the right level for me The second question is this What is my favorite element I can do? And of course you know what my favorite item is Everyone knows it, and it’s Axel! I’ve worked on it for a long time to achieve what is now I am proud of him and I am glad that he is with me Pirouettes probably Broken Leg Or Camel, Oh camel is great! Only it is very hard to do it on skates and I’m trying “improve”, improve You also sometimes have to remember words in a foreign language not in your language Okay, never mind;) Sory What is my favorite element I can’t do? Everyone probably knows that too As in my case it is a Double Axel Which I think is slowly approaching me and this is it dream a little more realistic right now But we will see if it succeeds, if it succeeds I will be very happy then Next question How long have I been driving? I skate for about 3 years I started in 2016 in figure skating in September I used to ride a little, about half a year just to split up because I haven’t ridden 10 years so I had to learn again and I ride really figuratively these three years And one year less on roller skates Something like that 😉 Have you ever thought about quitting? It’s like this: No but over casting I had many moments where I thought I was too fat or too old and the like And the moments I had very painful falls like last time after which you could feel the consequences for a long time and swirling associated with skates and rollers, caused that I felt aversion to it all But I was able to beat it again and I am in good spirits for now Keep your fingers crossed to keep it up And don’t give up! We remember that! The worst injury on skates / skates? The worst injury to me will always be at the age of six When I broke my arm while skating Because it not only caused that my arm was broken but also because I didn’t drive for a long time I was scared for 10 years go ice skating And that stopped me and I have to catch up now What is the purpose of my ride? That’s the purpose of my ride in general show that if we want we are able To achieve something only patience and hard work are needed for this we are to enjoy this sport because he is to give us joy and he is not to do some furious rivalry between all people especially at the level we are amateurs and when it comes to occupations my dream is to perform at the world skating championships I know this is an exorbitant dream I hope I can fulfill them at least to be able to represent only your country at these professions not even something to do just to be there and be able to do what I love and represent the country How much do I drive for a week? This is another question For a week I have ridden about 6 even 7 days a week for two hours now if I have a university it will probably be 5 days a week also after 2 hours also this amount will not change much Well, but there will be quite a lot of these trainings Favorite thing to wear while driving? This I don’t know, I always wear some leggings to make it comfortable but most of all figure skating I love all the costumes with these cubic zirconia this is just mmm i love it I could just wear these costumes and if I have a new one, I just look at the next one and want to have a new one, I love how it shines I love how these clothes look and how you feel in them mm i love this is mine professional deviation as the saying goes Favorite driving quote? Of course, the favorite quote is quote which I have been following from the very beginning, Walt Disney quote which means: “If you can dream it you can do it “I stick to it from the beginning works for now I think if we dream about something your hard work we are able to achieve a lot of things just any way just be patient and remember that hard work at first, then brings effects even though sometimes you have to go through different things that’s probably all in this topic in that case As for the next movies a guide will probably appear I hope that I will find time and place for him to record it of course from the basics of driving probably some such loose movies will appear If you would like some movies like: What do i think about? What do i think about? Q & A what do you think, write to me below or on instagram Thank you so much for watching take care! bye Bye

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  1. Jeny chcę wystartować w zawodach wrotkarskich w grudniu ale nie mam wrotek figurowych a moi rodzice zabraniają i ich kupić a moje wrotki i niektórych jeżdżę a'la figurowe mają całe połamane buty!!! Co mam robić???

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