Filip hangs out on Miami Beach – On the go with EF #19

Welcome back, guys!
I’m standing here enjoying my morning coffee. The EF school is right there,
so it’s basically right on the beach. This boardwalk right here is the perfect
spot to enjoy your morning coffee. Hi everyone! Today we’re finally going
to spend the whole day at the beach. I have Roger with me. He’s going to show us a little bit
how to paddle board correctly. We also have two EF students with us:
Camilla and Pontus. Should we get going?
Let’s go! Yeah! Right now, we’re going to use a helmet for
protection in case we have an accident. I’ve been paddle boarding a lot before,
though, so I really don’t think I need a helmet. It’s okay for you to go without?
Yeah, I’m good. It’s really fun. It’s a new thing and just
different from all the other stuff. It was fun. It was exciting! It looks like it’s hard for him to find his balance.
Filip sucks! Camilla was definitely the best!
I was the worst, without a doubt. Camilla was definitely the best. It was harder than I thought.
I’ve got to practice more on that. We are here waiting for you. Let me know!
Yeah, I’ve just got to catch my breath. It was fun to try it. I was the one who needed a helmet, obviously. We’re just going to relax for a couple of hours.
Yeah, it’s going to be a good day! When you’re down at the beach,
You obviously get hungry pretty fast because you’re probably swimming all the time
and what not, so we just ordered some wraps. We just got our food. We got our chicken wrap here.
It looks pretty decent. Some nachos as well – perfect for the beach. It was pretty expensive, but I think that’s what you
have to expect when you’re eating by the beach. Just keep that in mind.

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  1. ef school , is Wow. real we are Enjoying time in best beach, in the world. in near the ocean, is miami beach is great enjoying on beach. real know from long history of Human.

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