Finding Waves Kitesurfing in Qatar | Kitesurfing Around a Deserted Island up North Qatar

Freggle Friends, good morning! We’re back on the road, we’re off to a kitesurfing spot in the North of Qatar. It’s howling pretty good, 20-30 knots. So that should be exciting, and for a couple days, so I’m thinking there should be some swell with some waves! And that would be really awesome! Allright, come along, let’s see what it’s like! We made it! Allright, let’s see how much it’s blowing! 20 – 30 knots forecast! Ok! Let’s get ready then! My starting point was just east of Ruwais. I want to get around the island in front of the coast. To get there, there’s a lot of upwind kitesurfing to do first. I reached the first island, now it’s on to the next one. Ok, we’re getting somewhere (waves).. It’s getting better. And that’s it, now I made it to the north coast of the island. Cool, I’m half way round the island. I’m staying in the shallows.. Constantly checking, if I can actually stand.. Because I don’t want to be swept away by current or anything.. And that way I can be super safe.. And it looks like I’m gonna make it (around the island) A bit of a rocky outcrop over there.. But mostly the bottom is sandy.. Even here.. Yep, it’s sandy as well. I can feel it. So yes, let’s make a full round! Awesome wind, no need to be scared of dying wind today.. Let’s continue! And here, I’m kitesurfing along the north tip of Qatar. As you can see, the waves on this reef, are really a lot of fun to kitesurf around!! After enjoying the waves, I quickly head back to the island for a short break.. The shallow water next to the island (downwind), makes for a super smoorth kitesurfing session.. Cool! I made it round the western side, been heading down back south. Time to hang a left, and get back to the truck. Let’s go! Should be some nice flat water there! Maybe a little gusty wind but… Amazing!! Ahh cool haha! And that was it.. Kitesurfing around the island And found some awesome swell! That was a nice day=) Wooeiii!! Subscribe guys (and girls), Give it a like! It was really awesome.. And hopefully we’ll see you again soon. And let us know your thoughts in the comments ok?? Take care, byebye!!

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