First Time Scuba Diving in Malapascua with Divelink Cebu – Vlog #6

We’re here! We’re here! We’re here! We’re here! We’re here! Welcome to island timezone guys! Malapascua So, they picked me up around 7 at Mandaue and reach have a bus stop at What’s the name? in Danao. and then Here we are! Hi sir Thads! Hello Malapascua! It’s really beautiful better than Boracay (for me) So this trip is actually sponsored by DiveLink Thank you Divelink! and yeah, there they are! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Nice cottage They also have an accommodation Beds for 600 pesos That’s really cool So, they’re just here. They’re one of the best here. Actually, they’re the best. As what my friend said Divelink! Hello! Cool! What are you doing yo? you’re vlogging? Yes. Vlogging without sounds Is your training flow okay? Yeah, it’s okay. Hi girls! Hi! We’re ready. She’s so excited. Aren’t you? I don’t get it why you’re not. Scary! Before going down, Emilia and Anna is here to do a pre-dive safety check. In our pre-dive safety check we check all our equipments before going diving. Don’t look down, look straight. inflate your BCD.

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