Fish and I found MYSTERIOUS OBJECT scuba diving in the river

today I’m back in Almonte
I like this spot so much last time I wanted to come back and see if I could
find other things I won’t give you a tour of downtown you’ve seen it before
but it’s where James Naismith statue is the last time I was here pretty much
stayed in straight line with the houses this time I want to go a bit further
upstream this was one of my coolest dives at the
river like last time was pretty clean found some bottles I know you’re all
wondering what was that pot that jar I’ll get to it
I haven’t I think it opens but I haven’t opened it I just go quickly for the
bottles right now so I found they’re gonna be sprite bottles I found one
pure springs hurry now it’s pure Springs because I made a video about this
company I’ll link at the end of this video and I think was it’s my first
official treasure I fell garbage treasures but garbage Cleanup treasures
look at this thank you this jar because has a I think welded bottom the top so
maybe part of a post and I was I thought it’s really heavy so I thought maybe it
doesn’t open and just pure all of it is metal earth but I think it opens I can
open it live probably full of mud but it’s still my first treasure of closest
to think that treasure ever the fish was getting close to it they excited I don’t
want to break it I should take my time bringing this home
open it gently but curiosity’s just pushing he look like full of mud though there’s another letter piece inside it’s
full of mud I’m full of mud let’s go in the floor
here on the ground you can see that the rod you’ll clean it off I cleaned it up and
it looks like Samantha really really come back dirt close to a treasure so
that’s it for me to make a good luck with the contest and see you next week you

21 thoughts on “Fish and I found MYSTERIOUS OBJECT scuba diving in the river”

  1. Oh boy I hope that wasn’t an urn 🥴 I have no clue but it was the first thing that came to mind. 😜 it’s been on my top do not find list lol. HH Laurie

  2. Although it somewhat looks like an urn, after doing more research, I can confirm it is the bottom of an old oil lamp. No curse for me 🙂

  3. Your fish friend is back!! Haha crazy how he’s following u so much!
    Really hope it’s a jar full of rice and not an urn😬

  4. hey scuba canuck
    man I was hoping that the pot was full of gold or silver coins ,was pretty exciting brother
    stay safe & good luck on your next hunts / dives (big thumbs up from Alaska)

  5. Constantine was quick today…I saw her at 43 seconds 🙂 Is it possible that urn held someone's remains – now a solid mass ??

  6. Awesome find, brother… even if it is an urn. I was amazed that it even still opened.
    See ya on the next one…

  7. i thought urn as well but was that a little screw on cap on the top? i think more likely an oil lamp rather than an urn. cool find either way!
    btw, that was a friendly fish following you around. some sure are curious about new creatures in their environment (us), others run away scared, lol.


  8. 😄 okay ! This was great ! Love those fish in the water… They aren't scared of you at all. I thought the container was a porcelain or ceramic cooking pot which for some reason someone had put into the river. Great spots you are choosing to go dive. Excellent reveal, really fun ! keep it up

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