Five Great Boating Safety Tips

[music playing] Ever wonder why so many boaters
who believe they’re experts don’t practice these
five simple tips? Even without a no
wake sign, slow down when powering through
bridge abutments, because you don’t
know what’s coming around the aprons
or the pilings. And by the way, even
a paddled vessel must comply with the
navigation rules. The safe traditions
of good boating require skippers to render
assistance to stricken vessels when they can safely do so. You might simply call for
assistance and stand by, or you could toss a line
and tow the stricken vessel. When connecting a tow line,
use a harness like this so it will follow easily
behind the towing vessel. Stand clear of the
line under tow. It could snap back. A similar harness fastened
to the stern rings is a great idea, too. Ever seen a boater do this? It’s a good way to
break an arm or a leg. Fasten a fender in place, then
keep your hands clear, or hang the fender where it will
stop contact with the dock until it’s safe to fasten it. Keep hands and feet
out of the way. To learn more
about safe boating, visit

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