Flutter Kick Swim Instruction (freestyle & backstroke kick technique) #swimlesson #flutterkick

You want to make sure that you have floppy feet Now sometimes you’ll run into swimmers
who have flexed feet and they’ll be stiff and
they’ll be kicking like this in the water What you want is to have long feet, you want
to have floppy feet on the end so they’re catching the water
and forcing it backwards A lot of times you’ll find kids that kick way too big. They’ll use that old
soccer style approach having the full swing like kicking a football
or something They think the bigger they kick the more powerful, which means that
they’re going to go faster That is actually not the case. Now a way to shorten up the swimmer’s kick Here’s a little trick. Tell the swimmer
not to kick any wider than their hips–by putting
their hands on their hips raising them up, turning them this way, and then they should be able to kick now the reason that’s so effective
is because it gives the swimmer something to visualize when they’re in
the water they may not be able to respond properly
if you just say kick bigger or kick smaller. But if they can think ‘I’m
trying to kick within the width of my hips’ than it usually gives them a range, a limit
that they’re trying to keep within and it’ll help them to develop a short
in fast kick rather than a BIG and SLOW kick
which might be so big that it’s slowing down their kick Now a pattern means that you have a constant, consistent repetition within the
kick sometimes you’ll see swimmers, with
flutter kick especially, do a few kicks and then they
will stop or pause or do a few kicks and let one big crazy
kick flop in there and it interrupts the continuous
motion, momentum, and speed within the
stroke. So you want to make sure that you have a consistent kick Now the easiest way that I have
found is to have the swimmers count it. The most common
patterns that you’ll find in competitive swimming are usually the 6 beat or the 8 beat
approach and that means for every full arm stroke you’re going to kick either
6 or 8 times That’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Now when you’re teaching swimmers this skill Sometimes they’ll count to 6 and then they’ll pause and then they’ll start again 123456 pause 123456 but make sure that you emphasize to them
that it is a continuous kicking and that they’re counting to 6 but there
is no pause in between the six or eight beats whatever they’re doing You don’t want your foot to actually break
the surface on the flutter kick. You don’t want it to come above the surface of the water. You want
your kick to be churning fast but you want it to
stay below the surface Now it may appear if you’re watching some
swimmers that their foot is coming up but they will have a cusp of water
that’s over top of their feet they’re just really hanging close to the surface and
that’s fine as long as your foot doesn’t actually
physically break the surface of the water and you’re
kicking continuously against water then you’re gonna generate the most
thrust from the kick

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  1. Thank you, at first i would like to thank you for this helpful video, but i am wondering, is feet breaking the surface is wrong kicking technique ? 

    Because kicking under the water without my feet breaking the surface stress my legs and generate i will always goes slower, but when i let my feet flex and break the surface " slightly a bit " it helps me going even 3 times faster sometimes, and yes i have been watching some world champions in the last duel in the pool 2013 their legs were actually going faster as their feet slightly bend to break the surface. 

    i would highly appreciate your answer, thank you in advance. 

  2. Hey Aaron, have some questions regarding kicking – I feel most comfortable with the I guess 4 beat kick? (It's exactly the kick sun yang is doing Sun Yang Technique – multi angle camera – loop) – Also I have a kind of longer stroke (and slower stroke rate) though I'm not really tall (1,74m) – I can do the 6 beat kick but when I do it, my brain is totally focused on the kick and most times I get stuck and out of rythm…. Now here are my questions: When I practise the 6 beat kick, my stroke rate doesn't really get a lot faster – is that ok or should I also increase my stroke rate? How many meters do you recommend one to swim with the 6 beat kick for training (I've read somewhere that for long distance the 6 beat kick wastes too much energy). Should I excercise with a kickboard?

  3. Thanks for this, I'll give the hoola hoop a go. I'm learning to swim as an adult and find my hips jerky when doing butterfly, my legs also tend to drift apart when I get tired and I don't have that whip at the end.

  4. Thanks for the videos Aaron.  My seven year old son just joined our local swim team and this summer season will be his first try with competitive swimming.  He's having trouble with the flutter kick and your videos have been helping.

  5. Hi aaron, Im 73 andjust starting to learn with a private teacher. my legs are long and heavy and they are teaching straight legs. i find my legs sink rapidly . how do I get them back up where they belong?

  6. Can you explain WHY kicking propels you forward?  And, why does it provide lift?  On the lift issue it would seem that any lift created on the down stroke would be balanced by an equal negative lift on the up stroke.  I'm guessing that the knee bend streamlines more in one direction than the other.

  7. I feel like it's very hard to kick from my hips and keep my legs straight. It feels very unusual to kick straight.. any tips?

  8. Every time I do the Flutter kick I feel like I'm not moving and I get cramps very easily even I do the proper warm ups and stretching, I also have problems when it comes to breathing like 7 seconds is my max time to hold my breath then every time I breathe water goes inside my mouth and that stops me from continuing on what I'm doing and I hold the gutter as soon as can. Any tips for me to improve my swimming? (I'm a navy seal and this is kinda sad :/ )

  9. Hello I'm a swim instructor and I have some students that strictly kick with their knees and not at all with their hips. it looks like a weird bicycle kick/stomping and it's very hard to correct this issue if I have a big class. how can I correct the kicking issues with some of the kids if I'm able to give the the one on one attention to correct it?

  10. great video, thanks for sharing. I find it so difficult to control my kick (only recently started with drills on technique). Especially when I breath on one side my legs go all over the place. Any recommendations?

  11. I have flexed feet and it gives me trouble while i am swimming eventhough my stroke is excellent. Is there a solution for my problem ?
    How to make my feet more flexible and floopy? Are there any exeercises you would recomend?
    Thanks in advance!

  12. How do you point your toes and kick with flexible ankles? wont you ankles be tight if your toes are pointed while kicking? I really do not understand. I do not have a coach to watch my foot movements while swimming so i am totally unaware of what my feet is doing

  13. Aaron I'm going to swimming classes I can swim but only for short period Because I breathe less time if I lift my head up or side by side I drown my coach says that the reason is I'm not kicking my leg fast when I lift my head up is it true⁉️

  14. Hi, any idea why I'm not moving when I kick front crawl kick only? And I'm very slow when I'm on my back. People tell me my technique is fine, but can't understand why I move slow when legs only. Is it because I have a good breatstroke kick and my body is not suited? I noticed another breaststroke swimmer has the same problem and his kick looks great, but moves slowly and gets tired easily.

  15. You said "you want to have floppy feet". That's like telling a model, "you want to have a pretty face". I don't have floppy feet – I have the stiff feet like you demonstrated. So, am I out?

  16. I have a question.

    One of my students, when she does the flutter kick (with a floaty board for the arms) always goes backwards…? I honestly have no idea how on earth she manages that. She's a little stiff in the hip but has relaxed feet. Suggestions? Thank you!

  17. Wen we kick, the feet from ankle should be extended all time or extension and flexion both??i dont get it..
    And the same problem, wen i try to kick without using stroke, i dont go ahead, whereas my mates go.
    Pls explain

  18. when I do flutter kick while swimming, my left leg's knee bend little bit, Is ok or I it has to be straight ?

  19. Hello sir. Thanks for sharing corrective knowledge. I m 37 n learning swimming. My sir tells me that my all actions r good except kicking.he says I m kicking wid feet only n not doing up down. Please guide. How to practice

  20. I'm following this but not propelling. There is something missing which is diagram of where the arrows of kick propel the water.

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