We know how much you guys love the Fortnite dance challenge videos, so today we’re gonna kick it up a notch We’re in a professional dance studio. We’re ready to rock on out. No were not we’re in a garage All right, guys here we go the Fortnite guys challenge again part three, right? Yes. All right We got our trusty battle royale hat So we will pick out of this hat and whatever dance we get we have to do it We each have to do it and see you do it the best you guys tell us in the comments down below Yeah, let us know guys. Okay, what’s the first one who wants to go first? No cheating. No cheating I can’t get a grip of money when you’re shaving when you’re shaking That was crazy, there you go me guys. All right, mr. B you’re up feelin it. He’s feeling it Good job monkey. Yes, Wow. Okay now they’re gonna see the best Oh Who won that round huh? Actually, it was you’re up next mr. B Oh Snap oh Yeah, there is Yeah The boy is limber go get it go get it. Yeah All right, Miss B. Are you gonna do it orange just this kid way or you do it your way? Oh snap Oh Killa oh Snap snip it is simply to snap. Oh snap She got it down. Oh, yeah What alright this is the way to do it Okay, okay you look like you’re breaking a bone ah No No, are you okay? So let us know who won that round All right, who’s up who’s up me, let’s go let’s go Oh Oh, he’s got extra lean. Whoa That’s extra lean right there That’s a prime rib, extra lean. Oh in the face. Look at the face Oh Kill them. Good job. Monkey. Good job. Yeah, who won that round? No, it’s W I’m not really good at Groot again, but Holloway, let’s go Yeah It’s amazing Oh killing it then a hole and dynamite Oh kill kill oh You got it, I’ll let you give me a close one. Yes. Nice. What are you gonna do Natalie where it feel like you gosh? Oh Oh, thank you son. Thank you, you know lucky looking a picky picky Whoa, yes. Oh he’s groovy Here comes a high five. Okay. I got this. You know why I’m so good at this No Yeah Let us know who won that round down below Final round let us know guys who’s winning right now in the comments. I’m not I’m not cheating right now. I’ll take it We got Challenger right here. Oh I was amazing. All right, you’re up. Oh Look at the dangly arms. Well, that’s a little bot right there Okay guys, that’s it Let us know guys who won each round in the comments down below and who is the ultimate for tonight’s dance? Challenge champion of the world right here part three three-time champion babies Hey, all right, hashtag mr. B Hashtag miss B or the three-time champion. Okay, whatever. You guys want to call it. Thanks for watching everybody. We love you guys Let us know in the comments down below what other challenges you guys want to see and also I have my youtube channel out So if you want to go drop us up, that would be greatly appreciated Mr. B’s channel right there. Okay, guys before we go. I got one more dance for you guys Oh, oh, there’s like a new dance just came out Okay, okay, okay It’s your night to do that my dream. No ripples of your different sized offices Thanks for watching everybody. Please like subscribe and leave a comment down below if you haven’t subscribed yet Please click on the icon on the left hand a little thing will pop up and you get to subscribe if you already have subscribed Please forget everything that I have just said It’s my radio voice

100 thoughts on “FORTNITE DANCE CHALLENGE IN REAL LIFE!! (All New Dances)”

  1. Thanks for watching Bee Fam!! Who won today's dance challenge? #MrBee #MissBee or dad the 3 Time dance champion!

  2. i think miss bee is the winner because she is a dancer i will vote for her and very talentedand mr bee is not good at dancing and there dad is a good dancer maybe he needs a little bit practics i love bee family!?????????????????????????????????

  3. Miss bee won and youre my favirot channel you got this so miss bee won????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Honestly♡
    I think Gabriela♡
    Won because I love her dancing,dosent care UwU like meh
    I like Mr bee sorry I forgot the full name ?
    But I like his dancing as well UvU♡
    So u Don's well 🙂
    the uh dad I forgot the name again sorry..!
    Anyways its cringy(in a nice way!)
    And REALLY funny♡(in a nice way!)
    And yeah 🙂 ⊙~⊙

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