Found bottle with WHITE SUBSTANCE inside while scuba diving in river

we have in a new location Carlton place
down from Almonte still on the Mississippi River
I find them to found a nice spot here close to the park and this leads to the
Mississippi lake so I don’t know much about cars in place only what I looked
up a few minutes ago and first settlers arrived here in 1819 and I think it
became a city in eighteen and ninety Carlton place but 200 years of history
we might find something in the water this looks like an abandoned building
there’s a nice entry point so I’m gonna get ready and see what we can find so at one point I thought I had found a
cup but stuck under the tree I started pulling on it might be an old drinking
cup I pulled up a bit and then the Elijah’s was a plumbing part totally not
that the good end of the deal so that’s not a cop
and I found those shoes must be really old they’re so decomposed and I can’t
make out the brand bottle put water and it should be they get a substance in
there let’s say you suck your sugar the white substance let’s go with sugar and middle pop jar seemed like ashes in
there on one coca-cola in 1950 at the bottom
so it’s not that old made me clean up that’s it for me today yeah good luck
with the contest see you next week you

15 thoughts on “Found bottle with WHITE SUBSTANCE inside while scuba diving in river”

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  2. Wow! For a minute? You looked like one of my favourite singers!! Billy Joel

    Awesome video and find.

    Stay curious ❣️. Darlene

  3. hey scuba canuck
    nice dive brother , that white stuff was weird , sweeeeet coke bottle ( Thumbs up from Alaska )

  4. Bonjour André,
    Ce serais intérressant d'avoir un vidéo qui décrit tout ton équipement: fonction, choix…etc.
    Avec un peu d'historique sur ce choix de sport/hobby/passion ?
    Thanx for all the vids for the Ottawa waterways 👌….Franco ❤

  5. good job and well done. You never know what people are going to be throwing in the water.

  6. Thank you for the geography lesson. I was unaware the Mississippi had its beginning in Canada.   I thought it began in the Great Lakes.

  7. greeting from NY, a few miles from the border..look forward to watching your videos..Mark Potter sent me here…have fun, be safe..

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