FREAKY! I Almost FAINTED Underwater Scuba Diving!

Honestly, I think I was going in and out of consciousness. It was freaking me out you gave the signal like this like something’s wrong. So Becca is almost done with our certification for scuba, and we’re here picking up her new mask and fins. This one is cool coz you can see on sides. All right is it comfortable on your face? I think so Did you try it on? Yeah just like this. Okay you got some boots too and some fins. You’re gonna be all ready to go for tonight. Pink snorkel awesome And I got some shoes, it looks so small coz I’ve been wearing Ryan’s. I was like these are like baby shoes but they fit me good. Okay I bought all the things to go scuba diving. Not all the things. I got the things for snorkeling very well. One of the funny things is this is the goggles that I got with this snorkel it’s pretty good snorkel goggles the funniest thing about that I went through that store, and I was like. Oh these goggles look good. I like these ones for some reason they look pretty good . Well turns out these are the exact same ones that Ryan has that I’ve been using all along. Somehow deep down in my brain. I’ve recognized these ones as being pretty good ones so I got them and then I came up to the car, and I was like I’m just gonna see what kind he got. The exact same kind, it is so funny. You copy him. That is so funny. I got everything else and now we’re going to crater and guys I’m nervous, this ain’t no swimming pool. This ain’t no swimming pool. And I’m gonna be deep in water. I’m gonna vlog it. I got the GoPro with me, so we’ll get some footage. If you see my eyeballs popping out of my goggles like That you’ll know I’m scared, another thing about swimming underwater you can’t talk to people and underwater you can’t really hear people and underwater I just feel like everything but blind I’ve never felt that before and I don’t like it because I love I feel like oh And I can’t really express you know when you have a mask on your face and a respirator in your mouth. You can’t make funny faces you can’t express yourself in that way and that’s a big part of me. And so I feel not only like I’m suffocating because I’m underwater. And sometimes I feel claustrophobic. Because of the water number three, I just can’t express myself with my expressions or my words. And so I just feel like have you ever seen the emoji movie? I feel a lot like meh when I’m underwater How do you feel? I’m so happy underwater. I love it That’s great, he’s a fish, you’ll be a fish with me too, baby. You should be called Mr. Olympic and if you’ve never seen that movie you need to see that movie. I don’t like this really guy who plays that character He doesn’t like Don Knotts. He’s never liked it for so may reasons and it doesn’t matter what movies and he’s like I hate that guy. I just don’t like the way he moves. I don’t like anything about him sorry. Don Knotts he’s also in the ghost of Mr. Chicken He’s in a lot of movies that I love that are good movies that Michael never ever wants to see. Michael just reminded me of one the shakiest gun in the West He’s in a lot of movies. He’s a big star. So I’m actually at the top of the crater right now looking down into the crater. This is where the people are swimming in there. That’s what we’re going inside there right now. Okay, we’re here at the crater. Are you excited to dive? It goes pretty deep down there. This is gonna be really fun. There’s so many good lights down there. Okay I think we’re done. Let’s go cover my ears. I had a good workout tonight. I feel liek my muscles in my ears I didn’t even know that I had. I’m an eskimo Put this on because has to insulate my ears while my hair is wet in this cold weather. But it’s actually not too bad in here right now. Becca I’m really proud of you, you did really good. I got a ton of really cool video. You did really awesome. I was so proud because I think if you were so nervous. About being outside of a pool and you’re like I have a fear of heights underwater, and if it’s really deep then I’m scared. It’s like a hot tub. It’s super nice. It was like feels good, No no shock whatsoever when you get in the water my regulator kept spurting out hot air. A whole bunch of air,was it in your mouth? When it was above water. And she said some just do that and I was like. Overall it was good except Don’t just copy me just say it. Don’t just copy me just say it. So I got down to We were like at 40 feet or something right all of a sudden the strangest things started happening all of a sudden I was like I’m gonna faint. I’m gonna faint underwater and die. Then it was like oh, okay, I felt this feeling before I fainted once in college in a archery class I fainted. Another time when I was pregnant with James and another time when I was pregnant with James and those are my fainting experiences in my life, but underwater. I’ve never fainted underwater. I did not faint, but I got very close to it. Honestly I think I was going in and out of consciousness like not complete I’m completely unconscious, but like it was freaking me out. You gave the signal like this like something’s wrong, and then you put it to go that was earlier you pointed to here were you having a hard time equalizing yes, then later on yeah you you gave me the sign again, and I can tell that you’re kind of like like what was going on? And I grabbed you immediately in case I needed to take you up out of the water. And I think that our instructor saw me grab you and she could tell that you were kind of acting weird and so she came and grabbed you. And then I let go because I knew that you were a good hands yeah, you just kind of looked dizzy. You looked a little bit disoriented and dizzy and uncomfortable and I could and you were doing this like I just need to breathe like you did this movement Yeah, you were telling us, I did that on purpose. I was like oh no I don’t know what’s going on with me. What’s going on with me? And I was like, I’m just gonna breathe. I know what that means breathe. I was like oh She’s probably getting nervous or scared and she just needs to breathe for a little while. So I’ll just wait for her to breathe at first I thought maybe you were low on air and that’s why you were kind of like ah you know So I was like oh, that’s right because this is share air, but this is breathe slowly. So they’re kind of they’re very similar, so I was ready to give you my hair. Then I realized you weren’t struggling to breathe you just needed to be able to have time to breathe. Yeah, so giving you the time to breathe you’re able to reorient yourself, and we were getting ready to go up anyway. So we just kind of lifted you up out of the water. Oh, yeah, that was weird because I could feel you guys. I knew you guys were lifting me up out of the water, and I knew you were holding onto me, but at one point. I stopped kicking and I just felt like I’m gonna sleep now like and I had no control over it, I was just like Well the nice thing about having the mask is you’re not gonna be able to breath through your nose. And you’ve got the regulator in your mouth so Even if the instructor had to like cover the regulator and hold it into your mouth You’d still breathe like you’re not gonna stop breathing except for when I’m sleeping. I always sleep breathing through my nose. When I have a cold and I can’t breathe through my nose, and I have to breathe through my mouth I don’t get hardly any sleep any of the nights that I have. But I think they would have tried to breathe in your nose And you wouldn’t have been able to probably breathe with your mouth. Maybe I don’t know I don’t know. It was really really weird. I’ve never felt that sensation and and my whole body felt like it was tipping like this. Like going weird directions, and I was like okay I don’t know which way is up right now. Like I know that it’s somewhere up there. I think it’s like that but my body just felt like it was doing this type of a thing. that was the scariest part other than that when we had to do a safety stop I needed that safety stop because I was like holding on to that and just like Okay, and then she did a flip over the bar, and I was like I wanna do that too. And then I like no I should not do that I just I’m still recovering from whatever just happened to me, and I have no idea what it was.

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