Fred Goes Swimming

[speeded up]
Fred: Hey, it’s Fred! And it’s really nice out so I think
I’m gonna go swimming later. My mom found this really cool pool at the dump. It’s really big and really deep. I think I might drown! And also I got a letter in the mail. It might be from my dad. [reads]
“To: Fred”. [Fred laughing] Fred: Ahhhhhh! [paper rustling] Fred: What the heck is this? [reads] “Haha, you probably thought
this was your dad, you loser! Anyways, I told you that I know where you live. PS- You’re voice is weird. From: original owner.” [screaming] Fred: So the crazy guy really
does know where I live. What if he comes over here and steals
all the food out of our fridge? I don’t want anyone to steal our food. Oh, and I wonder why he thought
my voice was weird? Well, whatever! I’m gonna text Judy on my Zipit telling
her to meet me at my swimming pool. [texts] “Hey Judy, this is Fred. Please meet me in my swimming pool.
See you there, bye.” I hope she meets me there. The cat with rabies is inside my house
because I like her now. She rescued me from Kevin. [rap music playing] Fred: Here’s the really big pool. It’s so big! If you’re wondering why I’m wearing
my shirt while I’m going swimming it’s because I’m uncomfortable
with my body. I’m ready to go inside the pool. One, two, three. [water splashing] Fred: Oh my God, it’s cold! I love swimming. [singing]
♪ I love swimming. Fred: This pool is small. On TV I saw a pool that was really big. This pool is so tiny. Gimme a bigger pool,
you stupid floatie! Gimme a bigger pool. [singing] ♪ This is pool is big enough
for me because I don’t ask for a lot. Fred: Oh my God, there’s a shark! [water splashing] Fred: I’m scared. Just kidding, it’s just a toy shark. I got you. Oh, my god, I just peed inside the pool. My mom’s gonna be so mad because
she said I’m not supposed to pee inside it. Why did I do that? Oh my God,
you can see through my shirt. Good thing Judy didn’t come over or else
she would’ve saw that I peed inside the pool. She would’ve been grossed out. [singing] ♪ Laaaaaaaaa. Judy: Oh my God, look at Fred playing
inside the pool with his shirt on. Fred: No, I’m, I’m just uncomfortable. Judy: You must be hiding
your man boobs, sicko. Fred: Nooo! Once again, Judy’s being a brat. But she’s still really pretty,
so it doesn’t matter if she’s mean. At least Kevin’s not– Kevin: Let’s go beat up
Fred inside the pool. Fred: No, do you want me to get the cat
with rabies to bite you again, fattie? Oh my God, Kevin’s chasing after me. If he even comes near me, I’m gonna
go get the cat with rabies to bite him. That little rascal. Well, whatever, I guess I’m gonna go inside now
because everyone’s being mean to me. I hate the world! But I don’t hate the neighborhood squirrels. I love them. Well, I guess I’m back inside now. I just got an IM from Kevin. [reads] “Fred, don’t ever ask Judy
to go swimming with you again. She’s mine.” What in the world is he talking about? [texts] “For your information, Judy said she’s currently single.” Whatever! Oh, and by the way, I’m really mad at Kevin
because he bought a Zipit after me and when I got my Zipit they were really expensive
and now they’re really cheap. Why did I have to spend more money than Kevin? Gosh!
[screams] Ok, well since I’m really mad
I think I’m gonna go because I don’t want to take
all my anger out on you. Bye! Fred: Kevin is fat. He abuses cats. He kisses dolls, he also plays with train cars. Loser!

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