FREERIDERS – a wave of life ///// Ep 04 Trips and Food

We have always loved traveling to discover
new spots, but not only. Also to discover other cultures, to
see how people live from day to day. We also discover other things to eat,
and I find it very interesting. When you travel it’s always a surprise.
Even if we know where we are going, we do not know the sensations that we
will live. It’s super nice, and it awakens all our
senses, you really feel connected to the place. We meet new people and
it’s also part of the trip. I am someone very greedy and thankfully
that I spend time on the water because when I arrive in a new place I tend
to taste all the new things that I do not know. Last summer, for example, we went to
Galicia and Portugal and we feasted with octopus prepared in a small restaurant
on the heights of the spot, in Doniños with the setting sun. In Portugal we ate fantastic grilled fish ! This is another way of cooking and it really gives another taste. Here in Brazil, we have incredible fruits; that
we do not have in France of course! And when you have the chance to find a perfectly ripe mango, there is nothing to do, nothing to cook, just the fruit like that
it’s a real gift of nature, a delight … It’s good to take what you like
from each place, from different cultures, to create a more global culture through
to all those life experiences that we had. When we travel, it’s great to discover
new foods and recipes. All this for me is very important because
it enriches my own cuisine with new flavors It is said that travel is youth,
but I think it’s true throughout your whole life, and at each new place,
we discover new things. One of the best part of these trips is
sharing with our friends!

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