Fuenteventura… just the WINDIEST place on Earth… ;-)

Cold! Ohh, it’s cold! So this is Fuerteventura! It’s a… so called “windy island” If you don’t windsurf there is not much to do here… but if you don’t windsurf, than it’s a great place to learn… So they have this nice lagoon supposed to be perfect for learning but, they only have about 20cm of water on most of it and than there is only a little tiny part
that’s actually deep enough for anything they don’t talk about it on the website, they say… high tide is 50cm definitely not 50+ cm Nonetheless… Look, look! Arisa windsurfing! And try to not hold it for too long because
the waves are gonna push you off there… try to just start sailing Yeah, good, good! How do you like windsurfing? Kindda hard… That’s our hotel over there… Yeah, you caught some wind! Yeah, keep holding it! Keep holding it! You caught some wind! One eternity later… We just finished practicing windsurfing… Tired? Really tired! It hurts! My body hurts… Than You sensei (teacher)! The best sensei! I think Arisa is gonna like it because it’s like constant earthquake… this windsurfing It’s really beautiful, it’s… it’s acopalytic… landscape kindda like a desert, but… a little more pretty… and what can I say… It’s just great! Two hours later… I forgot about you… You’ve been out six hours… last chat I had with you was in the morning you’re deadly tired now Yeah, pretty much Really choppy choppy wind Several days later… Remember how I said there is
not much to see in this island? Just check this out! This is almost like a wallpaper… Look, look! How cool is that, right? Perfecto! Maybe I haven’t been to the Mediterranean… which I assume this is what it looks like… with the blue water cascading
from light blue to dark blue… but it looks absolutely stunning It was worth coming here from… from the other end of the island You have to drive all across So long trip but what can you do… It’s worth it! So… So, that’s Fuerteventura! Bye, bye! Like, Subscribe… and let’s go windsurfing 😉

22 thoughts on “Fuenteventura… just the WINDIEST place on Earth… ;-)”

  1. It has not been you for a long time.
    Beautiful views, beautiful bay, beautiful sea, but Arisa the most beautiful.

  2. Wow the Canary islands sure are beautiful..I just watched another Vlogger cycling up a very steep road to a volcano (La Gomera) there. Looking forward to seeing more of both of you in upcoming vlogs..by from Alberta, Canada

  3. Loved this video! My favorite part was when Arisa said “thank you teacher.” Keep up the awesome job.

  4. "No i co mam wam mówić, jest ładnie po prostu ". Cieszę się bardzo, że znowu wyszliście w naturę. Pozdrawiam!

  5. Łukaszu, Ariso brakuje nam Was ! Wiele osób pyta co się z Wami dzieje. Dajcie proszę znać, czy będziecie jeszcze nagrywać. Pozdrawiam i wszystkiego dobrego życzę.

  6. It's almost a year since you two left YT. Fair enough, no worries. Hope all is well with you both, individually or collectively.

  7. Czemuś porzucił projekt, miałeś wszystkie atuty, piękna kobieta, podróże itp. Why???? Możliwe, że nie celowałeś we właściwy kontent, trzeba było kręcić po polskiemu.

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