Gas Crunch Surfing – 1973 – 1975 Costa Rica & El Salvador with Dave Hartman

Rebecca me of early 70s I’ve been teaching school for a year or so and start being a lot of articles in the surf magazines about Central America and I kept seeing these pointbreak waves that just like oh I want to do that rather than do this free training so I decided to quit my job so ended up with a friend of mine who had gone to his freshman year of college of Richmond’s name is Lane chocolate and Lane didn’t really want their ecology more to tell me they’re so long kind of got together and paired up we were going to drive down to Central America along with my girlfriend Paula whose do a person who are shot all these films so we decided we’re going to take off and probably started around November and headed to Florida where Paula’s parents were stayed there for a month or two and then started kind of working our way down to Texas surfed South Padre Island there’s a big am ligeti there people extremely friendly I think we’re there on thanksgiving weekend then kind of gradually worked our way down through Mexico then we crossed over into Guatemala and crossed over into Salvador and the first break we really saw was any like on Point Break was kilometer 61 spent a day surfing there was okay nothing great but it was like hey this is such nobody here and there’s well we get back in the truck and we drive down the road about 25 kilometers we saw a little rumor melt right it’s called El zonta went on down the road a few more kilometers and become upon del zones all except from then on we kind of drove the rest of the way because maybe five or ten kilometers into libertad and ended up living outside just the other side of libertad will place called Playa to San Diego ended up running a house there which with a little pool and palm trees and gives us 40 bucks a month and sitting right on the beach and there was a beach break out front but you can you could surf that wasn’t too long a period swell but the real break there was a break in town which is known as point daroga while leave her Todd but that was a whole new ballgame okay I just have never served any point rates that’s where everybody congregated there were 35 guys out it wasn’t pretty proud kind of fight the waves to see this long long long wall come in and it kind of bends around in front of you and my brain from ocean city boots breakers there’s no way I’m going to be able to make that way so it took me a long time to learn how to read that wave and also I noticed I had a habit from back home going off the bottom and coming off the top and kind of stalling well libertad didn’t wait for you and it just spray trained and I had to get out of that habit start putting a little more way to my crunch work just to get it to drive and not stall at it you while we were in the pod that’s when that whole early 70s oil embargo things come from OPEC and all guys for coming back from Costa Rica saying that there’s no law there’s no gas down there you can’t go down there they were likely to say we were lucky just to get out of there so that kind of made me the cotton el salvador kind of like our home home base for a while we stayed there probably a couple months then that coal oil embargo thing had kind of lifted and they were starting to get rumors from people different places that now there was cast as we started to go south the friend of mine has a restaurant there Rob Robin he’s been there now for huge since early 70s whenever married a local girl opened up his own restaurant hotel think and I told him I we were going to leave and go farther south and Bob told me about a place he said you know you’re headed down towards Honduras you go down there and you’ll see a little turn off to a little beach town called by el cuco and you go down this terrible dirt road and you said there’s a pretty good little point there there’s no sign says when tamango is what it’s now known as but I tell me find it it’s dark united states so it’s too late to go in the water whatever but uh so we kind of set up camp when you take out some heat then we just SAT there and there Willie these phosphorus a jellyfish and we could see the wave breaking went because when the wave broke the jellyfish would light up and you could see this way just peeling off so we got up at the crack of dawn and it was probably shoulder high head high not very big but if this was just ridiculously perfectly even at a bad shoulder to head high so it wasn’t intimidating I didn’t get like totally freaked out by this place and you didn’t have to compete with him but there was nobody there obviously me know after being at libertad with 35 guys out and it’s a pain in the butt this is kind of what I was hey hey me you

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  1. love it did not start doing this till 77 then every year same, got spoiled in life great vids really digging the narration also

  2. Ok Dave and will…your videos are cal-sic was right there with you man….thanks so much for the memories. You forgot to to mention the cheap tacos!

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