gays on ice: olympics edition (ft. Adam Rippon)

– Hey everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley and I am here with Adam Rippon. He is an ice skater and he is incredible. And I am going to the Olympics
this year, did you know? – Me too. – Oh my God! I just felt like, what
better way to prepare for the Olympics since
I’m going this year, than to hang out with an Olympian himself and learn his thing? (Adam laughs) Ice skating? So today, Adam is gonna
teach me how to skate. It’s been years since I’ve hit the ice. I’m a little nervous. – I think you’re gonna rock this. – Bitch… – No, you’ve got the skater’s body, (Tyler gasps) skater’s mentality,
(Tyler sighs) you’re destined for great things. – Thanks, babe.
– Yeah. – Let’s go. (suspenseful string music) (suspenseful string music) – Look at us. – Look at you. – No, look at you. – I know. – No honestly, look at me. (Adam laughs) – [Adam] No, you’re doing so well. How do they feel? – They kinda feel like what
I’ve always been missing. (Adam laughs) You know? – Yeah. And it’s like, when you
start losing the feeling in your feet, you realize,
“I didn’t need them.” – Feet? – My feet, yeah.
– Oh. (both laughing) – Do you wanna do like a two foot spin? I feel like you could do that. So you’re just gonna be right here. Yeah, and you’re just
gonna march in a circle like this and then you’ll
just pull your arms in. (both laughing) Prayer position. If you start out here, right,
and you’re just gonna like march in a circle, and once
you kinda get some momentum, you’ll pull your arms in like this. Oh, damn. (Tyler laughs) Kwan? – Wait who? – Michelle Kwan! (Adam laughs) – Who did you look up to when
you were growing up, skaters? – Oh, I loved me some Michelle Kwan. – Yeah. – How can you not? – What about Tonya Harding? – I mean…she’s rough around the edges. (Tyler yells) I am too. (Tyler yelps) Oh shit. – I’m really dizzy though. – Are you really? – That is a lot. Don’t you have to like– – No, usually I just kind of like– I’ll like focus, just kinda down. – I’m real dizzy. My vertigo! – (laughs) I believe you. – So it’s a pretty big deal that you are, what is the official title, the first openly gay
Winter Olympic Athlete? – Yes. – Damn, I nailed it. How does that feel? – You know what, I’m really proud to be the first, but
honestly it feels so weird. It’s 2018. It’s so hard to think that I’m the first openly gay winter athlete. – Are you on Grindr? – Well (scoffs) of course I’ve been on it, I don’t have it now. – Of course I’ve–are you a torso? – Yeah, well, yeah. – You don’t show your face? – Well I didn’t, ’cause
I was like, I don’t want anyone to know that it’s me. – Yeah, that’s why you
don’t show your face. – Right. – I get that. As a gay, do you feel like you experience more challenges in the sport
than people that are straight? – I think my challenges
are just different. – ‘Cause like, you think super sporty shit is like super hypermasculine, but then– – Yes. – Stuff like this, it might
be inverse in different ways. – Well, I think in this
sport in particular, that it’s sort of like an
eye roll, you’re like, “Of course you’re gay,
you’re a figure skater.” And I’m like, well. – Well? (both laughing) – You have a point. And I think for so long,
you try not to be that, and you’re really
embraced when you’re not, because you’re different, and it’s great, and not everybody is
gay in figure skating. Man, maybe I wouldn’t
be fuckin’ single then. Yeah, I think my struggles
have been different and I think a lot of times
you wanna be something else, you wanna be that
all-American sort of athlete. I mean, now that I’m older, I
now see it on a larger scale, and it kind of feels like
more than just me skating, that it’s like a bigger
platform for me to show who I am and that you can be successful. – Live your damn life. – Yeah, exactly. – And succeed. – Yeah. For me, at least, it’s really
important that I’m open and share who I am, because I remember being that really young kid
who didn’t know who they were and didn’t really have
anybody to look up to. I’m from a really small
town in Pennsylvania, and I kinda wanted to be
that voice that, you know, you don’t have to hide who you are, you can be who you are,
and you can be successful, and you can be really good at what you do, and people will still embrace you for the work that you’ve put in. I’m actually really impressed. (Tyler yelps) I think you can try backwards. – No, okay well show me. My one cold hand. – (laughs) This one’s a quite warm– we’re doing warm to warm, cold to cold. – We should’ve thought that through. – We didn’t. Okay, so now turn. – Mhm. – Okay. – Well, that’s ’cause you push me. – You got it, though. – Hello (yells). – Okay, good. So just kinda shake
your butt a little bit. (Tyler laughs) Oh, this isn’t your first rodeo. (both laughing) Look, our grip is
loosening, cause you’re– (both laughing) – How do you speed up to go backwards? You’re just pushing me. – I’m not, though. You’re pulling me. You’re a puller. (both laughing) I’m actually just stationary. – You’re not. – I am. – Wow. – Yeah, you have a lot of
strength that you didn’t know– inner strength. – You are definitely pushing me. – Now I’m pushing you. (Tyler laughs) I’m pushing you to be
better than you were before. (Tyler yelps) And look. – No. (both laughing) (Tyler gasps, sighs) Thank you. Where are you from? – Scranton, Pennsylvania. Greatest city in the world. – (laughs) Office. – Yeah. – And you. – And me, and Joe Biden. – Speaking of vice presidents… – I’m in a current war with Michael Pence. When he was just a lad from Indiana, he was trying to fund
gay conversion therapy. And I was asked how did I feel on him leading the delegation. And I said, you know, we’re
talking about Mike Pence, the same guy that tried to
fund conversion therapy. And me as a gay man, I’m not gonna go out of my way to
try to meet Mike Pence. Mike Pence actually had
someone from his office, the office of the Vice President, say that the allegations I was making are completely false and untrue, but in spite of that he’s still excited to go to the Olympics. – Cool. – And that’s great, baby,
thank you, can’t wait. – You know what I love? I just feel like you
embrace you on the ice. – [Adam] I do, yeah. – Like you bring the fire, I was watching out there, and you were
like, feeling your damn self. Are you gonna do that in South Korea? – Hundred percent. – I love that. – You know what, I think
that when I came out, and I really started to embrace myself, and I got way more confident,
sort of like you right now. (Adam laughs) But that’s like when my
career started to take off, a little later in life. – When you lean in to what makes you you. – Yes. – That totally makes sense. I feel like anybody out there
that is doing their thing, when they embrace what makes
them an individual about it. – Yes. And when you have four minutes to show the judges who you are, if you don’t know who you are
how are you gonna do that? – Have you ever been told,
“You have to tone it down?” – Yeah, I’ve been told to tone it down. Now, my response is, “What do you mean?” – Tone what down? – Tone what down? (Tyler laughs) I want details, show me the receipts. – You’re like, give me details of what I need to tone
down, and then you turn each and every one of those up. – Oh, like– (both laughing) When I was young, I would
take it so personally that it was an attack on who I was. – Well, it is. – I mean, yes. And now I take it as fuel. Fossil fuels, if you will. (Tyler laughs) Being who you are is one of
the best feelings in the world. It’s so liberating, and it
gives you a lot of confidence to be who you are and and not really care what other people think. – Yeah. – What I love about
being involved in sports, is that you’re judged on the
hard work that you put in. And everything else
should be put on the side, and shouldn’t matter. So if you do work hard,
you really can do anything. There’ve been so many
times where I’ve wanted to take my skates, walk
to the nearest trash can, lightly put them in, and
be like, “It’s over.” – No. – And I’m so glad I didn’t. – Right. – Because I just gave myself that chance to make mistakes, and I
think so often you’re afraid to make mistakes, and once
I told myself, it’s okay, the ice is slippery, life is hard, but if you don’t try,
you’ll never succeed. So I would say, give
yourself a chance, and try. Set goals and work really hard. (upbeat techno music) (upbeat techno music) (upbeat techno music) (upbeat techno music) (upbeat techno music) – That was so much fun, thank you Adam! – Oh my God, thanks for coming. – Of course. If you guys wanna follow Adam, you should follow him on
Twitter, Instagram, everywhere? – Yeah, everywhere. – Imma put the links in the description. I can’t wait to root
for you at the Olympics. – Oh, I can’t wait for us to go together. – Babe. It’s gonna be so much fun. I wanna know, what is
y’all’s favorite sport to watch at the Olympics? I feel like I found my favorite, I truly– – I think you’ve always
known what your favorite is. – I didn’t know but now I know. – Yeah. – Now I know. – Let me know in the comments, I wanna see what you guys are excited for, and be sure to give this video
a thumbs up if you love it. And that’s all! I’ll see you guys soon, bye!

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