Get Snowboard Fit to Learn How to Prevent Injuries

The most common injuries in snowboarding is our upper body injuries and out of out of the upper body injuries, it’s going to be your wrist. A lot of people when when they fall they tend to fall and put their hand down. It is a little bit stronger if you can close your fist like this rather than slapping the snow punching it, but there’s really no right or wrong way to Fall as long as you’re not getting hurt I like to tell my students to spread their falls out to not fight them and to not put one of your arms down at a time and really don’t slap the snow punch it, so fitness and common injuries. It’s Real important for you to stay hydrated when you’re up snowboarding You’re up higher in elevation here You’re exerting yourself Physically, so it’s really important to keep yourself hydrated when you’re up snowboarding Snowboarding is a really physical sport so it’s a really good idea to keep your body well conditioned so it’s a good idea to stretch Especially before you start snowboarding keep yourself going to the gym Doing yoga keeping your body fit is going to prevent injuries Sign up at Subscribe, like and comment cheers FFR!

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