GIANT Florida Surf!! 11/18 Swell 2019 (Workforavocados)

Midnight strike mission to Miami! We are
chasing a huge swell down there!! So stoked to get down, I’m riding with Dave and we’re
driving all night. I just got off work we are doing it!! that swell had some of the craziest
waves that I have ever seen in my life. Mountains through this aquamarine
perfect water. Even though I had to be in a wetsuit and a jacket top at times, the
weather felt amazing. It was really frustrating though, it was a tricky swell.
You had to throw yourself off the lip if you had any hopes of trying to make it
through. There were a few waves that I dropped in on, that I probably could have
gotten the barrel of my life…but I kind of just exited out of the wave because I
was afraid of these 10-12 foot monsters that frankly, I’m just not used to. I can
make all the excuses in the world about not riding shortboards very often..being in a new place, riding a new board…but it’s shown me the areas I need to improve on.
Compressing more on my drop-ins. I’m straightening out when I get to the
bottom of the wave. Breathing… I need to stretch more, because my ankle
flexibility is not that great. Shout out to Dave! That was an awesome time being
out there. I had the time of my life. if you enjoyed this video, please press
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getting this channel off the ground. Thank you guys for watching, I’m glad that you’re
enjoying it and I’ll see you next Thursday!!!!!

16 thoughts on “GIANT Florida Surf!! 11/18 Swell 2019 (Workforavocados)”

  1. I like the honesty and self critique. Not something you see in most videos. The fact is most east coast surfers don't have much of exposure to this size wave.

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