Glow in the dark surfing – Red Bull Surfing Lights

Is much more than a picture, than I do a good job, it is about the photographer make a surreal work, showing much more art than photography. I believe that tonight’s result was awesome. I’m really enjoying his work. It’s a new experience in my life to take pictures at night and stuff. It has been great. There are a lot of details, it’s a very complex photo. There will be a lot of trial and error until I get it right. Damn, the water is too cold. Look at that. This is a fully working together thing, so it is impossible to work if I don’t have athletes to help me. Therefore, what I need to acomplish this sort of work is to count with the help of top athletes like these two, guys who are able to perform a minimum variation of a maneuver, so it will fit better in the picture. This idea popped up when I was photographing an adventure race; the guys running with those flashlights in their heads; then I started making pictures using slow speed and freezing some special moment using flash, then I thought about doing the same thing with surf. This technique is as follows: I put led lights on the surfboard and I will make a picture with slow speed, so while the camera shutter stays open and the sensor is capturing light, as I’m in the dark, it does not capture anything. The only light that will be captured is the one the surfer that is drawing the way he does with. In a certain moment of this photo, I shoot the flash and that flash freezes a maneuver So the picture is this: a photo with slow speed, leds drawing the photo and a flash freezing the most radical maneuvers. For me, it is a really innovative thing, it is something out of the ordinary. I’ve never seen something like that. When I got here I was really impressed, because the guy is a mixture of Inspector Gadget with a photographer, and an electrician. The guy is crazy, that is the truth. Now, knowing the pool I will know exactly where I will put my flashes, where I will be staying and where they will be maneuvering. This is the most important matter to me: knowing where is the best place for them to do maneuvers, so I can plan my photo in the best way possible. This side angle is one of the coolest. I will try to work well on the diagonal. I found the place awesome, the wave has a perfect countertop. It was what we imagined by seeing this place on videos and pictures. We ended up choosing this place here, this wave pool, because of the control we can have, the proximity of surfers and the repetition of waves: one will always be equal to the other. So that makes all the difference, we ask for the operator to always give us the same wave, so we will have that all night long if we need it. I got to get back to the Hotel now, so I can finish the surfboards. I came back from the pool, the place is great, within what we expected. Now I will finish the surfboard. Our appointment in the pool is only at 9 pm, now it is around 4pm, so it is all under control. I am going to shake it a little bit. Look, there is a car ahead that is looking like a nightclub. I think the people there are going to the party carrying a surfboard. Damn, yeah, bro! This one turned out great, dude. What that guy does there is not photography, that is art. Damn, that one is crazy, dude. Today I got the photo, I am super happy. I have everything that I needed in the same photo. Good one, photographer!

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  1. I didn't understand a word that was said. But nice video. I liked the whole video. But wish their would of been more skim boarding.

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  3. Giving me some good ideas here. Throw a generater on a surfboard. Led lamps in a triangular setup pointing at the beach. Charge my surf budies $5 each to do some night surfing.

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