Golf Cart Surfboard Rack From Moto Electric Vehicles

Hey guys, Brett Jackrel with Moto Electric.
I just wanted to go over something real quick. We installed a surfboard rack on these golf
carts and it’s a great option for anyone that’s using your golf cart at the beach.
Obviously one of the biggest reasons why people in the retail sector buy these street legal
golf carts. So I just wanted to zoom on in. Look at this; this is an easy contraption
that we installed on the vehicle. Very easy, cost efficient, gets the job done, but the
really cool thing that I like is it’s very easy to take off and on. If you guys get another
option like the enclosure, if you get another option like a strobe light, you can always
take it on and off and you don’t always have to have it on there. If you have any
questions about the surfboard rack from Moto Electric Vehicles that goes on any of our
golf carts or bubble units or shuttles, give us a call at 904-247-1818 and visit our beautiful
website at Once again, Brett Jackrel, sales manager with Moto
Electric. We hope to get you guys set up with a new surfboard rack on your new street legal
golf cart.

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