GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Mouth Mount for Surfing with Mark Healey (Ep 13)

Hi, I’m Mark Healy. I’m a professional waterman
and GoPro Athlete. Today in Tips and Tricks I’m going to show you how to take a GoPro
head mount and turn it into a bite plate without actually cutting anything. I’m also going to show you
some of the modes that I like to use while I’m surfing. There’s a few things that you’re going to
need. One is neoprene tape. You can find this at any hardware store. You can also just cut
an old wetsuit or just find something soft so it’s not so hard on your teeth. You’re
going to need scissors and electrical tape. So first thing that you’re going to do is,
your trusty Head Strap, you’re going to just take it apart. You don’t actually have to cut anything,
just pull this back, and you can slip these straps right off. So I’m going to take the
top part of this Head Strap apart, leaving me with just this front strap, which slides
right through. Now you’re ready for your padding. I take this neoprene tape, go ahead and roughly
pre-measure it. So I know I’m going to want to cut right around here. It doesn’t have to be exact;
you can always trim it after. Wrap it around; Make sure it’s stuck on there good. Then you’re
ready for the electrical tape. A couple wraps of this and you’re ready for action. So you’re actually going to put this in your mouth like that. that. So when it’s time to hit the water, there’s
a couple of modes that I really like to use. One of them is 1440 by 48. That’s just kind
of the go-to. It’s a really tall frame, so you’re going to get all of that wave in the
frame. And if you want to slow it down later in post, the best mode is going to be 960
by 100. Thanks for watching GoPro’s Tricks and Tips. I’m Mark Healey and today I showed
you how to make a bite plate out of a Head Strap and also went over a couple of modes
that I like to use best when surfing. Now get out there and have fun with it.

11 thoughts on “GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Mouth Mount for Surfing with Mark Healey (Ep 13)”

  1. a good thing to note is that they post edit their 4:3 footage to make it wide, without trimming, and not making it look stretched. I use the andy's aspect plugin on final cut pro to make this dynamic stretch! Now i never use anything besides 1440 48 when it's POV

  2. I've been wanting to make this but i can only find the head strap with the quick  clip….any suggestions?

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