100 thoughts on “GoPro: Japan Snow – The Search for Perfection in 4K”

  1. So glad to click this video! It took away my breath 😮 I would like this video million times if I could! -Greetings from Slovenia

  2. Nice presentation and cinematography. But some of the snow in Niseko did not look exactly powdery–I suspect it was wet and heavy by the look of it.

  3. footage from 3:38 to 5:05 is the best video i ever seen as it fully presented Tokyo in a smooth & nicely done Time Lapse video shooting… truly masterpiece

  4. I feel like there are 366 people that are paid to dislike YouTube videos, because this is a masterpiece.

  5. Что то мне подсказывает что первая часть отснята на Камчатке

  6. Holy snow. What a masterpiece. The story, the cinematography, the script, the grading, the voice over, the scoring, the places. One of the best travel films I've watched and it's filmed entirely on a small camera with small sensor. So much could be done with a GoPro. Amazing. Just beautiful.

  7. I love this video, it tells as story, and gives a message while being a short ski dream film, others have said it; A Masterpiece…

  8. Who is still watching this in 2018? Give me a shout! We've got a behind the scenes look over on my channel of how we filmed this piece!

  9. Love Japan ski videos! Japan would be a dream trip for me. I just wish I knew how much of the terrain in of all of these Japan videos are accessible off of lifts vs. backcountry skinning or out of bounds (I've never skinned). Any companies that set up ski trips to Japan from North America? Would love to look into what's involved to actually get over there? Best time of winter to have consistent snowfall? Thanks!

  10. Beautiful video! Thank you so much for making this!
    The first part was shot in Mt. Isola, and the mountain in the back is Mt. Yotei. We in Hokkaido call it Ezo Fuji. ♥️🇯🇵

  11. Best snow film I've ever seen – and all shot on GoPros?!?! Incredible stuff. The BTS series of Abe Kislevitz's channel is well worth a look to!

  12. I'm just sitting here thinking how come their go pro's work in the cold when last year, in Japan, between myself and a friend we had with us 1 x Go Pro 5, 2 Go Pro 6's and 2 x Go Pro 7's, all of them failed to work, continuously shutting down, not taking voice commands or simply just not turning on. We were so upset as the frustration and disappointment of all 5 of our Go Pro's actually stuffed our ski trip up. We spent more time stuffing around with the Go Pro's than skiing. Next year we are going to Japan again, we will be looking at purchasing another brand so that we can document our trip.

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