GreatGreekAdventure 2/5: From Surf to Snow – Every Monday Morning episode 19

This is every Monday Morning, welcome to Greece, where the locals alre incredibly friendly, and the roads are bad as farq. After two days of surfing and two days of snowbaording in spring conditions, it really looks like winter has come back to Greece. Surfing in Greece means being in the right place at the right time. That was easy for us as the local crowd spotted the surfboards on our vans the minute we arrived in Parga and told us where to go the next morning. Thank you Giorgos! The waves are surprisingly powerful, and the locals are just too nice. It didn’t help me improve my surfing, But Lucas showed us hot to do it. From the beautiful beachbreak in Lygia we took off to hit the snow… … in a small town called Kalavryta, where we met Janne and Gabe. It actually was the first time in my life I switched from surfing to snowboarding within 24 hours Here we are in the amazing mountains of Greece. In the background over here: great visibility. On the other side of the mountain: even better. Up there we hit some fresh powder and had two funny days, allthough it was pretty warm and foggy.

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