Grilling Impressive SURF n TURF like a pro (Steak & Shrimp)

Here I have a beautiful Tomahawk Steak. Different companies have different measurements
to call a steak a tomahawk. For me in order for a steak to be called a
tomahawk the bone must be at least 7 inches long and anything in between two inches and
7 inches is a long bone bone in ribeye. You have to remember you are paying for the
bone. And if you ask me if bone adds any flavor
to it, absolutely not however it does make a beautiful steak. So here is my recommendation if you are making
a steak for you to eat it, forget the bone. You don’t need to make it pretty, you just
need to make it delicious. And in order to do that you are looking for
intramuscular fat, that’s these little white spots there are throughout the meat. As it’s cooking that will render and make
it amazing . The bone is just for show. And if I’m cooking to impress the tomahawk
is the most beautiful steak of them all. If you want to keep a beautiful presentation
it is important to tie it. If you don’t the ribeye cap will separate
from the steak. Since this is a wagyu marbling score 3 it
is super tender and the fat almost melt on contact. It doesn’t need to be too tight you just want
to make sure it doesn’t come off during the searing process. When you have a wonderful high grade steak
like this you want to taste the meat. Keeping the seasoning simple is extremely
important. So with that being said I added salt, freshly
ground black pepper and garlic powder. To go along with our surf and turf I am also
going to be making an awesome little side dish. They are easy to make and packed with flavor. They are little golden, crispy fried onions
that just taste amazing. And here’s how to make them. Start by chopping up white sweet onions. I don’t like mine too thick, but if you do
that’s totally ok. The most important thing is to keep them all
the same size. If you don’t they will not cook evenly and
you want every bite to be perfect. To make them flavorful we must season our
flour. So I started by adding smoked paprika, a good
amount of garlic powder, freshly ground black pepper and salt. Remember as always exact amount and ingredients
always on the description down below. Once everything was mixed and combined together
my seasoned flour is done. The first step in making crispy onions is
to boil some water. I like to quickly throw them in for 10 to
15 seconds. That does two things; remove some of the bitterness,
and it also makes it crispier. Then you want to give them some time to completely
cool down. If you have the time also consider throwing
them in an ice bath once they have been boiled, that will make it even extra crispier. After throwing them in a bowl I added cold
milk. You can also use buttermilk. Stir them around and make sure that every
one is coated. Now you really want to let it rest in your
refrigerator for at least one hour, this will really help with the flavor. Once that’s done the next step is pretty straight
forward. You just gotta throw them in your seasoned
flour and bread them. You want to do it in batches, try to avoid
the big lumps. The perfect tool for the job is using these
kitchen tweezers lay them all in the tray and they will be ready to be deep fried. Which I’ll be doing it shortly until I get
a nice golden brown color at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. To go along with our steak I’m gonna be making
some flavor packed shrimp, and they are super easy to make and here’s how. This is about 2 pounds of shrimp. Whenever you’re purchasing it try to get it
already cleaned. And when I say clean, here’s what I mean;
they’re out of their shell, completely deveined and no head. This will make the job quick and easy and
there’s nothing wrong with that. To season them I threw in a little bit of
grape seed oil. You don’t want to use extra virgin olive oil. Grape seed oil has a smoke point of over 420
degrees Fahrenheit and extra virgin olive oil is way lower than that. Since we are going to be grilling them, that’s
a bad idea and you don’t want your oil to burn. Then I threw in the perfect seasoning for
it, it’s Guga’s rub. You can’t buy this rub, you have to make it. I made a complete separate video which I’ll
be linking down below for you. This rub goes well with chicken, pork and
seafood. And you might already have all the ingredients
on your pantry. Make sure to season everything well. You want the shrimp to be packed with flavors. If you’re gonna be using wood skewers my recommendation is to soak them. If you don’t they will definitely burn on
the grill. They are not my number one choice to use but
they do work just fine. Here’s the one I recommend, they are stainless
steel and they will last you a lifetime. Since they are not round it also makes it
easy to flip them on the grill. Putting them on the skewer is very easy the
only thing to keep in mind is to keep them all in the same direction. That will save space on your grill and most
important make it easy for you to move it around. To add even more flavor on this shrimp I’m
going to be grilling some lemons and limes. When you do that they become sweeter. It is something that I defiantly recommend
for seafood. Not only with shrimp but also with fish and
lobster. It’s the perfect marriage. I also did my famous garlic butter. I’ve made a complete different video explaining
how to make it step by step. It is easy to make and make sure you check
it out on the description below later on. I’ll be using this to baste my shrimp and
also my beautiful steak. Talking about steak, I’m gonna be using my
wireless thermometer to cook it. My first goal is to put a nice sear, then
cook it in indirect heat until I reach 135 degrees farenheit. But now I say it is enough talking and it
is time to make an amazing surf and turf. So let’s do it! Alright Angel What do you think about this
beauty? Now I know why you took so long. Damn. This is a feast everybody. Oh yea! What do you think about that? Well we got a lot of things going on I know
you want to try it. I think ah, so we have a beautiful wagyu tomahawk,
and then we have a nice lemony shrimp and we have a beautiful fried onions. Ok enough talking yeah? Alright Angel, let’s try the steak first. Ah the steak is cuts like butter everybody. Like butter. As you can see perfectly medium rare just
like the way I like it. And so do you right Angel? Cheers buddy!. Cheers! Humm. Wagyu tomahawk marbling score number 3 everybody. If you never experienced it you have to try
it everybody I’m telling you. You will thank me later. If you never been to heaven and came back
to earth and then went back to heaven again, then that is exactly what this tomahawk tastes
like yeah. I have to agree with you. The fried onions give a nice crunch to the
steak everybody this is unbelievable. Let me give it a go with the shrimp because
I think seafood and steak goes together so well And I’m a seafood lover believe it or not. Lover? Lover. Angel is not a big shrimp guy. Right Angel? I’am not a big shrimp guy at all. Angel a little bit of the shrimp, a little
bit of the wagyu tomahawk and combine it look at me combine it with a little bit of the
fried onions, put it in one bit my friend. You tell me that combination. Oh you got, ha ha. I don’t see it happening in my forecast. I really don’t. Alright Angel. All at once everything combined in one bite
everybody. Cheers! Just a moment of silence. Well, if I’m gonna be honest. Yes. I like it! It’s good! You have to always be honest. If you like it, you like it, if you hate it
you hate it. I don’t know maybe it’s because there’s some
wagyu involved…. in that combination. But it is pretty good. You got me to say that I enjoyed the shrimp
and I am going for it again. I know that you are not a shrimp lover. Oh you are going for it again? But you should take out the tail, don’t eat
the tail. Tail is bad? Tail is kind of hard and I don’t know if you’ll
enjoy it. Just like when we made the lobster you are
not a big lobster guy either but you enjoyed it when you combine everything together. Aha. It’s like a perfect combination. And these little fried onions…I don’t know
if they can hear it in the mic but it’s nice and crunch. I think they can hear it. You think they can hear? I don’t like onions either. And you like that! I’m always eating everything. He does not like onions, he does not like
shrimp, but the way everything was cooked you enjoyed it. I’m surprised because I really didn’t think
you were gonna like the shrimp. Surprise, surprise. Good job! Everything’s good I can’t hesitate right now,
I gotta eat. You have to try everything once. You know just because you had an experience
of a shrimp before that was kind of bad whatever, you know, you don’t know how this one would
taste. And I’m proud of you buddy, and you liked
the onion. I like the onion bro. The onion is really good. Anyway this is the video. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you do enjoy this video make sure you give
it a thumbs up. If you are not a subscriber, be sure to subscribe
for future videos. Remember if you are interested in anything
I use, everything is always on the description down below. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see
you guys on the next one. Take care everybody. Bye-bye. That was actually surprisingly really, really
good ah. I know right? It’s amazing! And the shrimp. Especially with everything else it’s so good! Mmmm.

100 thoughts on “Grilling Impressive SURF n TURF like a pro (Steak & Shrimp)”

  1. I feel like if I had a life time bucket list. One of those items are to try a cook from guga. All this food looks so amazing and I can’t even imagine the taste

  2. 10:27 those are the words of wisdom guga. I had a bad experience the first time I ate sushi but when I ate sushi again at my friend’s house, it turned out the be one of the best things I ever ate. It all depends on the cook, not food.

  3. To this day, I still wish he would just grab a stranger off the street to taste it instead of a familiar person. Don't get me wrong, I like Angel but every so often he just seems to come off as a "Yes Man"

  4. If you opened up a restaurant or had a food truck I would be there every week. You should do a pop up shop and have a limited amount of tickets. Just an idea

  5. Guga

    The other night, my friends and I went to a fancy dinner at a steak house. The kind of place where a 6oz filet will set you back $50. There were four of us.

    My wife said "Instead of everyone getting their own individual steaks, why don't we get the wagyu tomahawk? It's the same price as four individual steaks." There's a reason I married her. Mostly because she is a genius.

    So we got it. We split it between the four of us. It was topped with black truffle and foie gras butter and served with sea salt that was soaked in bourbon then lit on fire.

    It was heavenly. Transcendently good. Every single bite was the best bite of anything I'd ever had. We all sat around the table giddy. None of us could believe how good this steak was. We all agreed it was the best steak we'd ever had, hands down.

    I used to wonder if you faked your reactions to a wagyu steak to please the YouTube masses, but I do not question you any longer. I sat in my seat, chewing in disbelief that any single bite of food could be so delicious. The fat cap, oh my god. It was so savory and it just melts in your mouth.

    Wagyu tomahawk was incredible. I can hardly describe it. I've had prime steaks, sous vide steaks, butter basted steaks, grilled steaks, reverse seared steaks, NY strips, filets, ribeyes, skirt, flank… You name it. Nothing even comes close to how good that Wagyu steak was.

    Funny thing is, we ordered a flat iron steak to compare against. It was the cheapest one on the menu. Each of us had a bite or two, and collectively said "Meh" even though it was a very well cooked steak. I posed the question "This was 1/8 the price of the wagyu. Is the wagyu 8x better?" Everyone laughed. It wasn't even a question worth asking. The consensus was, the wagyu tomahawk is a hundred times better.

  6. i challenge guga to make his so called perfect steak without using his wireless thermometer, just bare traiditional cookin' and just a normal/basic bbq grill(no to bbq dragon) and compare it to steak cooked in fancy tools that he has. i like everything you do guga, im a fan btw. if you find this comment non-sense kindly delete it. ciao

  7. “Bone must be at least 7 inches long”
    “You are paying for the bone”
    “These little white spots throughout the meat”
    I don’t think I’m that dirty minded but…

  8. Muy buena pinta todo eres un grande pero me gustaría que hicieras algún video en español gracias. Me encantan tus videos

  9. Wagyu is probably good, but no way I'm spending over $40 per pound/$2.50 per ounce on meat, including seafood. don't bother trying to introduce me to a lobster that rivals a wagyu in price, I don't want it

  10. this will not be a shocking dish but its been awhile since you made the carbonara pasta which is your best dish and now that you've done so many experiments im confident you can make your new best dish and top that with some dry aged wagyu in a carbonara pasta

    Would love to see that

  11. lol not going to lie you guys need a new back ground music. i play rec room like 7 hours a day and thats literally the only sound track of that game and i dont want to hear anymore.

  12. I would have thought that you would have cooked the shrimp last. Leaving them on indirect heat while the steak cooked would have made them rubbery or tough.

  13. Guga: My seasonings are the best in the world and instead of selling them I'll let you have them for free because I'm a bro.

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