Hangloose – Community on water

It’s just something else – when I´m on the water
It’s just like – – It gives me peace. One calms down…
So it’s almost impossible to be angry if you are on the water. Windsurfing – it is a lifestyle. It is a quality of life. and it creates balance in my presence. Even after a really good day – – there are thousands of new inputs and things you can do better. I love the fact that you can constantly improve. There is always something to work with. I think it’s a great sport – – we have a fantastic companionship. Here you get adrenaline and joy – – and you get very high of it. and you push it all the time – totally wild. The adrenaline is constantly running when you surf. It just gives an adrenaline kick – relaxedness. It’s a therapy to be on the water. You forget everything – One thinks of his gear. and how to stand on the board – You just have to sail fast – – That’s life. It is playing with nature, the wind and waves – – and community is one of the best that exists. I just know that windsurfing is just unique because that – you have water – you have wind – you have all these elements – – plus you have this technology element of equipment No matter how good you are – – you just have this – “I just want to get better at this”. It gives you a freedom to control nature’s elements.

One thought on “Hangloose – Community on water”

  1. Ligeledes en video der skiller sig ud!! Den giver et godt indblik i, hvad windsurfing betyder for windsurfere. Flot lavet!!
    Igen: den burde, efter et år, være set af mere end 30 personer.

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