83 thoughts on “Hawaii Diver Swims With Record Breaking Largest Great White Shark | TODAY”

  1. Humans are the ocean’s most deadly predator, mosquitoes are the air’s most deadly predator. Stupidity is the apex predator of all environments

  2. Its clearly not deep blue look at the underbelly and under the jaw deep blue has a black blotch mark under the jaw and belly but it is about the same size tho a healthy 30 to 50 year old female is going to be that big we dont see them that big because there old and stay lowkey from orcas

  3. Not so sure this is deep blue. If you compare the videos from Mexico and Hawaii, you see the marking are different. The Mexico shark had black markings under its lower jaw and stomach.

  4. 2 ton 20 feet…
    I remembered an old adrenaline junkies show "animal face off"
    Which said the great whites average was 25 feet and 3 tons.
    Basically turning a leopard into a lion.
    (Dumb show)

    Anyway its still a majestic specimen I dint they they could get that wide in respect to body length

  5. See…when you read and study and LEARN things about animals around you and in the world…you DONT need to be so damned fearful!! Fear is a stupid human reaction

  6. Don't hold your breath, One day Shark has bad day – One Rather Silly Person = Bit, Dead, Eaten Or still alive while be eaten. Some people take too much risk, you'd stand little chance with a 4ft great White let alone one that big. Lets hope we don't ever get that report Female diver, ya know, I don't even want to suggest it but lets be real here.. Big Shark = Very Silly Woman.. Sorry Shark Wins. 🙁

  7. "We need more sharks out there" if you're so worried about these demons why don't you offer yourself as a snack. Nutcase white people I swear to Michael Jackson.

  8. Ocean truly is an inspiration and a great messenger to debunk all the misconceptions about sharks.
    If you haven’t heard of her before find the video of her swimming with a whale shark! It’s breathtaking!

  9. Unfortunately, she did not live as full as a life she could have.
    Ramsey also called her Grandma Great White. She was recently caught and killed in Taiwan while she was still pregnant. You can see memorial posts about her on Ocean Ramsey’s Instagram. Rest in Peace big girl


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