HAWAJE #6: Couchsurfing wyspa Maui [Hawaii ENG SUBS]

The best thing is that the airport is closed and my fly to maui is in about four hours I found out about that the hawaiian airlines is closed at 12 pm at the open it at 3 am they told me to go to the international airport so I am here at the international as you can see not many guests are here I need to stay here few hours and we go to Maui. Its here here is Maui’s airport and we are here My place to sleep tonight in four hours is my fly the place to sleep is no so bad I arrived to Maui few minutes before the fly took me 45 minutes if you want to travel you have to be so patient I am waiting for my new friend- Jenn she should be here in about three hours so you can see how the airport looks the airport here is so small and there is no internet here, EVEN in starbacks they do not have internet… no internet access here so this is so funny but anyway I really need internet at the moment I don’t give up to find something to contact with Jenn the people from Maui helped me about it and I could give a call to Jenn from a stranger phone anyway I still waiting for Jenn she should be here soon here I am at Jenn’s hause which I was talking to her on facebook few weeks ago When I was looking for some info about Maui I unexpectedly met her on one of Hawaii couchsurfing group on facebook and I told her that I want to visit Maui finally she propose me to come to her place at Maui I will sleep here just for free even she wanted to feed me for free 🙂 but of course I will buy some food This is my first time at american house and first time to live right now with american girl This is Jenn’s house I will sleep here for 3 days her room this is my little place beautiful place for free everything I need is here No TV but I have my mac even the teddy is with me what just happened here as I told before I met Jenn on Couchsurfing Hawaii on facebook I was just looking for some info about Oahu, Maui & Kauai and we talk a lot on facebook so few weeks before I came to Hawaii she said if I need any help on Maui, then I can contact her so we decided that I will stay at her place I will stay here for 3 days and tomorrow LISA is coming here to Maui I think is just keeps track of me anyway we will go all around the Maui island I think this will be so good. I going to eat something also I didint sleep for about 25 hours but I don’t give up I am going to the city I am in the Kihei town behind me is Jenn’s house and her bike I can’t inflate the tire I am not a good bike mechanic I wish to go by bike but its impossible I will take walk Lets see how Maui looks The best thing is when I was surfing at Oahu the instructor which was teaching me how to surf knows Jenn and when we add each other on facebook he asked how do I know Jenn, because this was our one mutual friend so I told him the story about couchsurfing Jenn is also shocked about it we all are really lucky I had so many happiness here on Hawaii for example I was lucky when I was on haiku stairs or in many different situations here. I am so lucky here and safe the people that surrounded me on Oahu were special is well there is no wind here… is big difference between Oahu and Maui it is so different here and its just 45 minutes fly from Oahu

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  1. Jak znaleźć tą grupę o której mówisz ? HAWAII COUCHSURFING ?. Można się z tobą jakoś skontaktować ? Mam kilka pytań dotyczących twojego wypadu na Hawaje 🙂
    Świetne nagranie 🙂

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