He stole my surfboard سرق ليا سورفا ديالي

i am late again i wanted to wake up early and i didn’t let’s eat an omelette? he is just lying to you guys the go pro isn’t recording it’s not even on god bless you mr Oussama when you will start eating? right now come on eat it everything at once go play away go lay away i don’t have time for you if you want to be good at surfing you should do like this it was a really nice morning i did surf enough even if i caught only 5 waves it’s been w hile since i did surf like this it was a nice morning and it’s not it’s not over yet what time is it today i didn’t wake up early i don’t know if it’s clear or not it 2 PM Oussama toke my surf board he is in the water playing with and he let me waiting here in the sun if only he is really surfing, he can’t even move it there is he he couldn’t do anything he is suck you kept me waiting it’s really heavy i know the worst board i ever seen in my entire life i know man it’s not a good one man you are the worst one, you kept me waiting alone i only caught one wave you dint caught any, right? i caught five this morning not in the big waves it’s really heavy – i know, that’s why i am locking for a new one
– how many kilograms there is in it 120? 120? 800kg ! look at my hand 840 kg it’s weight is 840kg really? ahah, he believed it one of the things i love in the beach and i hate at the same time that moment when… that moment when you remove the wetsuit other people, you jst call them and they answer you but this guy, has nothing to do with you now we are tired brother what are we doing now? where do you want to go now? you tell me where do you want to go you tell me where do you want to go taghazout? to see the camp the life is beautiful here in Anza about 5km of Agadir what it’s called? he hus just robbed a guy who was selling bananas you steal bananas man? i don’t want it it’s not legale we bought it legally Souk alhed on Sunday hurry up i don’t remember where the guy is the guy isn’t in his store the guy went to eat his lunch the Gopro is really good in camouflage where is he if i had the GoPro Stabilizer it would be really awesome

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