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That’s why it’s called God’s Own Land I left to see one thing, stopped to see another thing, and found something else Good morning guys! Its a bright sunny day today I’m going to keep today also short and simple going to visit Edakkal caves and a Jain temple and then may be stop at a bakery to try one of the plum cakes or banana cakes or carrot cakes I’ve heard a lot about it So! yes I’ll see you on the road Bye! I’m loving it today. Its so so so sunny I hope it stays sunny and does not rain What is this? Litchi?
*Rambutan* Something that I very clearly saw was after a few kilometers of plain roads no shops, no residence just nature, is a village There is a small market after a few kilometers of plain roads I don’t think there will be a problem when you are driving because you’ll find shops and people after a few kilometers Roads’ condition is way better on the way to Edakkal caves than what it was yesterday There is something that looks like Elephant’s face but I don’t know what this is and what is written on it If you understand, please drop in comments, what it is and what it means Guyssss.. this is the point you have to stop at It is a small rock climb not very difficult, especially if you are not scared of heights and if you have long legs but now I’m going to walk to the water body view point so lets see how it is Slight view failure, the view is nothing like what I was seeing from below.. but I think if I climb a little higher, I’ll get better view There was an easier way up that did not need rock climbing because there was a connecting road but as impatient I am, I tried to climb at the earliest opportunity I got but I am climbing up now to see if I get view of the lake, that water that was there Wowwww…. Guysss.. Oh my God.. I think I just discovered serenity at another level wowww Did you just see the view behind me oohhhh… I am still unable to get over it okkkayyy.. this is what is called heaven?? That is why its called God’s Own Land?? it definitely is Is it even possible?? I left to see one thing, stopped to see another thing, and found something else Oh my Goddd… ohhh.. this view is… like, if you see down, you see trees, if you look up, you see rocks, and look further up, you’ll see hills, mountains… greenery I’m telling you.. you should definitely definitely stop here Thats the dark clouds and this is the clear sky over here These dark clouds that we just saw, have started pouring down I have taken shelter under a hut that was here and when it stops raining I’ll get back down and I will skip Edakkal Caves because I just asked my friend and she said the view from Edakkal caves is very similar to what I see right now I still want to see that lake point I have not been able to see that yet So I am thinking, I’ll climb a little higher and see if I get that view I think this is the best view I can get of the water body but I think view in the beginning was better Its good from here too, but kind of okayish So thats the Phantom Rock in the background Take this narrow pathway to reach the rock There seems to be a deadlock I’m sure there is a way but I am taking a U turn from here This is another way to Phantom Rock Let’s see. I think this way is easier but riskier, because if you fall you’ll fall down the rock It is super sunny and humid now Suddenly the rain….. and The dark clouds are now gone leaving only a small patch behind ..which is interesting So here is the Phantom Rock. I can see it more closely! I am heading back down and probably sit in a restaurant and then we’ll head to Jain temple This is where I parked my scooty and this is where I’ll have mini snacks This is just opposite to the point where I climbed So I have stopped here for some tea and banana chips and also charging my phone before I head to Jain temple I got myself some banana chips and Kiss Kat!!! I’ll be driving to Jain temple now, and it has started drizzling again It will take me around 20 minutes to reach Jain temple and see you on the road… So this is a tourism promotion and help so that people who are traveling to this place can take a break and enjoy so thats the place This is the initiative by Kudumbashree District mission I think this is a really good initiative and applause to them I am at the Jain temple Sultan Bathery and this is a preserved monument and the timings are 8 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm so I’m lucky that I came around 2 pm yes, 2:15 pm There is not a lot to see here just old temple ruins I am going to sit here for a while Walking out of the temple and now I am headed to a bakery that I saw on the way keeping it quite chilled and relaxed and slow I am going to make a stop at this church before I head to the cafe This is Assumption Forane Church and I think part of the school Its really nice, very simple, white color and its very peaceful So after church now I am going to the bakery that I saw on the way and I hope I am able to find it again This is Cafino Bakes, the one that I saw on the way It looks fancy and good Lets see how good are the coffee and the cake So the food was quite average but also super cheap like 50 Rs for a coffee and a piece of cake so can’t complain much and now I am driving back home It shows 40 minutes Lets see how much time I take to reach I am going to sit here for a while Its very quiet and peaceful and the sun is out – the best part I just love it when it is a little hot, so.. there are fields, trees, and … far away you can also see that peak and there is a water stream too.. what else do you need So I am just reaching my homestay and look at these fields wowww.. Thats the sun setting crazzyyyy…. I am almost home, I think just another 5 minute ride and I’ll be back home Good morning guyss, its my last day in Wayanad and today I plan to finish some pending work so I’ll probably end this video here and I hope you are enjoying the series and you enjoyed touring Wayanad with me if you are, make sure to hit LIKE and SHARE this video with your friends Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and I’ll see you in next video really soon.. Bye!!!

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  1. 1.58 sec, the icon on rock, that is a logo of a political party. Name- communist party. And if you not understand something there then you can use Google lens.

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