HIMACHAL ROADWAYS : The Reality Check of Public Transport

Please give me filtered water Don’t you have a filter here? Its 10:30 pm The bus has stopped somewhere near Kurukshetra, Haryana for dinner The Restaurant seems very filthy Why do Government buses stop at such places! Another Himachal Roadways bus has also stopped here Let me show you the Dhaba (Restaurant) This is Mayur Delux Dhaba at Pipli, near Kurukshetra I was told that they have orders from the top management to stop the bus here only Its difficult to understand why they chose this filthy place! Can you help me with the filtered water? This place is very disappointing. Top officers of Himachal Government should look into this I don’t need bottled water. Give me filtered water THIS WATER IS ALSO DRINKABLE Don’t you use a water filter? YES, WE HAVE YOU CAN TAKE WATER FROM THERE I don’t know where the hell the water filter is! WHAT HAPPENED SIR! Can you please help. I am looking for water filter Is this filter in working condition? YES SIR, I WILL GIVE YOU THE FILTERED WATER (CALLING SOMEONE TO SWITCH ON THE FILTER) SIR, PLEASE GO TO YOUR TABLE. I’LL GET WATER I am ok here PLEASE SIR, I INSIST Don’t worry, I’ll take the water and go SIR, COME & SIT AT YOUR PLACE Please don’t force me to go away COME SIR Why are you forcing me! Its ridiculous Hi Uncle, Can you please tell me where is the water filter? I DON’T KNOW Where are you getting the water from! COME WITH ME, I’LL SHOW YOU What is this? Are you going to give me the underground water? YES Leave it, I don’t want this He was giving me untreated underground water Are you giving this untreated drinking water to everyone? You please show me the filter first Do you treat your guest like this? Why are you forcing us to buy the bottled water? Please show me the filter. I want proper drinking water This is the reality Government bus passengers are forced to eat at such filthy places These places don’t even offer free clean drinking water Either you have to drink untreated ground water or buy plastic bottles You forced me to go here and there I AM TRYING TO START THIS FILTER THE FILTER IS NOT WORKING I AM GIVING YOU ‘MINERAL’ (PACKAGED BOTTLE) WATER Please give me Filtered water The water you have arranged for me was filled from the dirty drum Is your filter working or not? FILTER IS NOT WORKING I just had food. 1 Tandoori roti costs 10 Rs. and 1 daal fry for 90 Rs. Don’t expect free drinking water. They will force you to buy plastic bottles Otherwise they will give you untreated groundwater in these Jugs

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  1. A reply received from the Transport Minister of Himachal Pradesh Government –
    "सोशल मीडिया से पिपली के एक ढाबे की शिकायत मिली है। अगर यह सही पाई गई तो इस ढाबे पर निगम की बसें रोकना तुरंत प्रभाव से बंद कर दिया जाएगा। अन्य ढाबे वाले भी गांठ बांध लें कि वाजिब दाम पर अच्छा खाना तो दें ही, पीने के स्वच्छ पानी और साफ-सुथरे टॉयलट की भी सुविधा होनी चाहिए। ऐसा न होने पर परमिट कैंसल करने में देर नहीं की जाएगी। विभाग के अधिकारियों को इस संबंध में पहले ही निर्देश दे दिए गए हैं।"

    I request everyone to keep a check on such malpractices.
    Also, do a reality check and let us know whether the Government has really taken any action against this Dhaba.

  2. U R right Sir
    There are no facility of Filter water at Manali also
    U have to depend on Bottle water

  3. Well done. In fuddu logon ke saath aisa e hona chaie. Even I tell you the packaged mineral water these people sell is fake. After drinking a few times I realised it was just underground water and well getting the bottle sealed is not a big issue these days. In doing business these people forget they are indirectly playing with the lives of the people. I don't mind spending a few extra bucks for quality food whenever I travel.

  4. its reality and its happennig on various places.. good varunji to expose these types of stuff.. and harayana tourism and up tourism and many more forcing passengers by stopping bus on these dirty places.

  5. Good video bhai ye sacchai sab Jante hai lekin awaz koi nahi uthata hai isliye ye log fayda uthate hai

  6. Sab jagah ki Yahi Kahani hai, bus Kisi bhi roadways ki Ho ,Koi bhi state Ho, dhabo me Khane ke k naam pe loot to hoti hi hai

  7. Na inhe baat krne ki tmeez hoti hai na serve krne ki or jo waiter hote hai bo sochte hai ki customer unke baap ka servant hai

  8. Its really so sad and the worst about our nation, I saw a lots of bad comments about our India from people from other countries, feels so sad, great job that you have done, be careful and safe as you are alone. take care.

  9. Hello brother thank you for posting this video trust me you are my idol now plz do let me know i am planing to travel on 1st August i have 5 days in my hand plz suggest me can i go to kaza??? I really wanted to go

  10. Management director ko per person k hisab se Commission milta hai en dhaba se … Es leye….. Sirf os dhabe per hi rukti hai bus..

  11. Lot of Tibetan which is going to Dhamasala been looted by this Dhabawala. Food for Rs 100 they adding one more 0 to the bill. Biscuits & chips have no MRP on it.

  12. Pipli ka govt canteen bahut badiya hai.was room bhi hai.must try this.its left hand going chandigarh.at Pipli..

  13. Regarding the prices of the food, I came across one such dhaba. Outside the dhaba they had printed a rate list as prescribed by the government but inside they were selling at a premium 10₹, on asking about the government rates they were surprised that I noticed the printed rate list( I was aware of the govt rates). On realising their mistake they immediately apologized.
    I guess people who didn't notice the rate list must have been charged at a premium.
    This happened on the Chandigarh-dehradun route.

  14. Menegemet ki setting hoti hogi kyoki jo ye daal 80 rupay ki dete hai isse bhi badiya khana 50rupay me bahar se mil jata hai

  15. Salute to you sir for bringing such things in front of our eyes. Its very unfortunate to see that government don't even think or research about the dhabas they are venturing with..

  16. The "dhaba* owners fills up the Tender for HRTC bus Stoppage and the particular time appears when the tender requests to be examined they changes the background as well as the Food quality and water systems equivalents to the 5 stars and when they get the tender the whole place is replaced by this process .

    U did a great job towards the exposure of these nincumpoops. Well did.

  17. US or indian mein bahut different hain aap US gye the kitna change tha isliye indian mein syad hi improve ho sake

  18. Bro.. its makes me remember when i was going to Chandigarh..then bus is stopped at the sane dhaba as i seen in your video..thanks for uploading

  19. I would never eat from a place if I see rats there.. Rats only live there where they get some food so who knows these rats might be feasting on their dough from which they make rotis.

  20. what filter..? if you are not ok with this water then please have your filter water with you if you are so strict in that case atleast we have better environment then your cities don't you think…

  21. There is a commission set by a mafia of Dhaba's & transport department. Mostly people think that the driver is the main culprit here but you will be surprise to know that its the transport department which takes like 50-60% commission on the food travelers eat from here.

  22. Wahh Varun bhai, agar aise hi sabhi jagrook ho jae to dunia badalneme der nahi lagegi…hats off for your sincere effort towards our very own environment…

  23. जनाब ईतनी बुरी हाल लगभग पुरे भारत में है हमारे प्रधानमंत्री ईतनी बडी – बडी बातें करते हैं और जमीनी स्तर पर कुछ भी नही है

  24. This is the reality in most of the places… Even at big restaurants where they say.. we dont have a Filter and the tap water is not drinkable. Ultimately the customer is forced to buy packaged drinking water.
    Almost every hotel Nowadays put forward a bottle of packed drinking water instead of a jug of clean filtered drinking water.

  25. This is the reality of almost every state's public transport service. ढाबों पर दलाली बंधी होती है विभाग की इसी वजह से सिर्फ चुने हुए ढाबों पर ही बसें रुकती हैं

  26. Varun Bhai India ka Kuch nhi ho skta… mostly dhaba wale aise hi hai…or Kuch to khane k baad bill Kuch or hi badha k batate hai ..

  27. Filter water pine se b to nuksan hota h bcz filter water ke sare mineral ko b khatm kar deta h or filter water health ke liye bahut hanikarak hota h. pahado par tap water best hota h bcz me khud Uttarakhand se hu

  28. हैलो वरुण जी, सबसे पहले मैं आपकी हिम्मत की तारीफ करता हूं जो आपने ढाबे के अंदर वीडियो शूट किया, सरकारी रोडवेज बसों का हर जगह यही हाल है, मैंने उत्तर प्रदेश और उत्तराखंड की रोडवेज बसो में काफी सफर किया है, ये लोग जानबूझ कर इस तरह के ढाबो को सेलेक्ट करते है जहां पब्लिक को लूटा जा सके इसके अलावा कई बार तो रात के सफर में जानकर काफी रात को बस रोकते है जिससे लोगों को मजबूरी में वहां खाना खाना ही पड़े, ड्राइवर कंडक्टर फ़्री में खाते है, और ऊपर के अधिकारी भी इस मिलीभगत में पूरी तरह शामिल होते है

  29. I always travel but ye sach hai bus walo ko unka lumch/ dinner free me milta hsi islie wo aise restaurant me rokte hai

  30. Ek to tu bhai hp ko reprsnt krra dusri trf bate krra dhabe pe rats h wo dhabe wale ki glti h soch k bola kr

  31. Oji bhaisab kisi gareeb ka dhaba chal Jaye kisi ki hotel chal Jaye to kya bura hai aap bade logo ki hotel hotels me jate ho kabhi dhabe par bhi khana kha kar dekho

  32. Bhai thank u for this valuable information , ab pata Chala ki pahele meri health prob kyu hua tha , next time se fruits apne saath leke hi travel krunga , once again thank you sir 🙏

  33. You nailed it. !ndrecible India, the country where Atiti Devo Bhav reflects in talks, but not in the character… an eye opener AV brother…

  34. Yehe halat jsha bhe state gov ke buses rukte h wo dhabhe sabse gatya hote h y log rishvat dekar gov k buses rukvate h aur public ko lotte h islie gov ko y sab ban kar dena chahiye

  35. Insa achi facility Tu kurukshetra bus stand par hn kam sa km filter and water color kam Tu karta hn

  36. bhaii himachal roadways ka hi nhi .. jitni v buses delhi to chandigarh jaati h sbkaa yhi haal h … inko free khana miltaa h dhaba pr aur ride k paise v milte h ….. ye baat h bhaiii…so its not a himchal roadways also punjab roadways aur haryana roadways aur sb ye log pipli k pass hi rukte jadatr

  37. Mein india mein kabhi bhi aata hu to bus train kabhi bhi food nahi khate…serius india ki halat bohot kharab hein….like india bangladesh nepal aur pakistan ye sab ek hie nasal ke log hein dont trust

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