Hitchhike across the Americas #61 Leaving Lima Peru

Pisco Direction pan american highway i have no money no worries whats the name of this green shield its a tent it unfolds to sleep there for example there i can camp u just sleep there wtf? i came from canada hitchhiking u serious came from canada 3 months ago canada usa mexico guatemala salvador honduras nicaragua costa rica panama … all by thumb that’s how u arrive here? gonna hitch to brazil rio de janeiro passing cusco in peru u gonna hitch to cusco then rio u canadian canadian then u gonna go home from brazil? same way i came to brazil, gonna hitchhike back (plan may change) then i hitch to argentina look this place is dangerous i like dangerous shit dangerous=beautiful a camera that records it all all the travels then i hitchhike africa then hitchhike asia around the world and u don’t study ? im a student what engineering took a year off look all dangerous here gangs? nope…unsure aint bad then? its all good then i passed el salvador and colombia hitchhiking passed colombia and its more dangerous than peru oh its a police check up, thats why u slow down here in peru there are 10 places to visit 12 places to visit i only have 2 years to travel what town is this lurin this ain’t santa maria santa maria way further im not here for tourism really, im here to figure out my life ain’t here for beaches, women, getting wasted… so whats ur final plan so what’s ur objective then? antarctica going there i guess u gonna arrive in antarctica by hitchhiking Ushuaia is the most south city in earth, gonna hitch a boat to Antarctica hopefully CANADA – ANTARCTICA the buildings are unique, its peru thats why i like it here bye! good trip pan american highway hi u go to mala? going a few kms down the road same direction? just there man how many kms it’s all good, it’s the pan americana come for the ride going south hitchhiking to brazil oh u go to Punta Hermosa just there man where u go mala take a bus u go same direction im just going there man how many kms 4kms no worries im going to cusco no $ im going to cusco lets go man CUSCO CUSCO OMG I GO TO BRAZIL (amazon) AND CUSCO IS THE SAME DIRECTION im leaving my car in Nazca tommorrow i go to cusco ive heard of canada i live in ottawa the capital how do u? its ottawa? how u.. how you speak French where did u learn i did my studies in Switzerland in Switzerland? I passed there (hitchhiking) i worked some years in Switzerland now i am starting my work in Peru no, i left my phone i forgot it in a restaurant with my glasses and now im gonna go back to take it back now we dont have internet where u lost ur glasses here close by in the restaurant left my glasses and my phone and now we gonna get it back cuz its been a week music by Kevin Shealy this is Pisco wait, ya here this is Pisco thank u very much goodbye, good trip u too

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  1. u can change the color of the subtitles, the options button is on the same menu as the language options of the CC

  2. Have been waiting for him to show up for over a week now…. He hasn't been on the cs for a long time as well, kinda worried about him. Jack, hope you're fine wherever in the world you are in and have a better job as an excuse for not shooting new videos for your followers! Wish you the best luck!

  3. HEY!! Merry Christmas from The Budgeteers!! We know it's been a while (like a year) and incase you didn't know we just uploaded the first two episodes of SERIES 2 – head over to our channel and check it out, and, let us know in the comments what you thought of them…. x o x

  4. man u ganed a new subscriber and thinking about doing the same but just cananda and then maybe work my way in the usa!

  5. Hey random person scrolling through the comments!
    I hope you have a great holiday!🙂
    From a smaller YouTuber who's dream is to hit 1K subs🙏🏻

  6. 朋友你的影片太感動我了 可以請問你的外語是念書學的、自學的,還是家庭本來就雙語呢?

  7. damn bro used to love your stuff but after the vlogs fell months behind I kind of lost interest and now you just kind of gave up.

  8. Wow! You r an amazing inspiration, very BRAVE too. We r waiting for u to upload remaining part of your incredible journey. Aloha, from Hawaii

  9. I have a question.
    If it happens that you hiched a ride and that person has a boat too and is going around the world like you, would you take it?

  10. My biggest obstacle regards to editing is I feel like my videos are too Dizzy / Umcomfortable to watch because they are glitchy/shaky for the average viewer especially on 60fps…right? I am really struggling with this editing problem

  11. Have watched all of the euro trip and the Americas. Over 100 episodes.
    Thanks for the inspiration and showing how far one can go with thumbs out.

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