Hitchhiking in offbeat Russia : Altai Republic : Chusky Tract

Its 12:15 pm I am in Altai Republic This is Gorno-Altaysk town I stayed with Andrey I found him on Couchsurfing We are waiting for our bus We have to go to the city centre I have to purchase memory card for camera and some eatables I also have to get medicine. I am not well for 2-days This is our bus I wanted to purchase my own ticket I didn’t want to become a burden for him Its very hot inside The small girl is very excited to see me and the camera she is sitting over there This is a pharmacy Lets go in I have just got the medicine This is a powder for flu, cold and temperature Now let me share something important This was my first experience of buying medicine out of my country Till now I always thought that the medical shops don’t give medicine without Doctor’s prescription But its not the case Today I could buy medicine without a prescription If you remember, I met an old man in Novosibirsk He was quite experienced travellers He also told me that he never required a prescription to buy medicine But its always advisable to consult a doctor before buying medicine i bought a micro-Sd card from this store It cost me 1250 ruble with a free adapter Its a 32 GB card by Sandisk Check this picture This is a usual day in Gorno-Altaysk Its quite warm and sunny It could not have been possible for me to walk without covering my head This is the central park I was wrong.. I should cover my head That is a theatre This is the benefit of travelling with a local He is informing me about all the places These are the school going kids This is a mall I am going to buy something to eat Thank you brother I have got these things from this supermarket Mix hot water and you can eat this… Made up of potato I saw this in the hostel in Novosibirsk Its better to buy these things from Gorno-Altaysk before advancing to Chusky Tract Andrey is holding the camera for me It cost me 130 Ruble This is the transaction receipt I usually take pictures of reciepts I use Camscanner app to scan them i recommend it Vegetarians can get a lot of things from a Supermarket It takes time to get accustomed to a new place Language is sometimes a barrier But you get to understand the products after a few days Use Google translate app’s camera feature to read about the product I just bought a marker for 52 Ruble This is a thick marker. Would be better to write on a board I am travelling on the bus and using this time to make this board I am going to Karlushka from Gorno-Altaysk Its 2 pm Its already late for Kosh Agach Its 2:15 pm This guy helped me in the bus This is Katun river Over there are Altai mountains and here I am wandering in the Altai mountains I am enjoying this trip Russians are so helpful He is suggesting me to stand here instead of walking upto the petrol station I am late for Kosh Agach I was told to be careful from the drukards He was stinking I was not able to understand.. He was speaking in Russian He will drop me at Borongol Borongol seems 200 kilometres away, whereas Kosh Agach is around 450 Its quite hot inside the car I am also wearing too much of layers Oh! Borongol is just 47 kilometres from here I thought I am going to cover half of the distance in this car Kosh Agach is another 400 kilometres away from Borongol This is Chusky Tract It starts from Biysk and goes upto Mongolia This road is an important connection between Russian and Mongolia since ages quite historical Must be having significance like the ancient Silk route This is very picturesque The scenery is beautiful Today is Tuesday I have to catch the return flight from Omsk to Delhi on Sunday I should reach Omsk by saturday I am left with just 4-5 days I think now I should not go anywhere else in Russia I should explore Chusky Tract thoroughly I also want to gather information about this route so that I can share with you and you can also visit this beautiful place If you want to see some offbeat place in Russia, then instead of Moscow and Petersburg, visit this place You can hitchhike or use BlaBlacar app or use public transport to reach this place There are buses from Gorno-Altaysk to Kosh-Agach and probably also to Tashanta Tashanta is the last village of Russia. Then starts Mongolia Altai Republic is the last province of Russian federation in this direction This is looking wonderful River Katun You need at least 5 days to explore Chusky Tract Hitchhiking may take more time Novosibirsk is an important city between Moscow and Vladivostok You can easily get trains to reach Novosibirsk from Moscow You can even take a flight You can fly from Delhi to Astana and Astana to Novosibirsk You can also take Aeroflot from Moscow to Novosibirsk Once you reach Novosibirsk, keep 5 full days for Chusky Tract I may be in a better position to suggest you places to visit on Chusky Tract while going back from here let me give an idea You can visit Belokurikha You can visit Kosh-Agach, which is near the Mongolian border Take a detour to visit Chemal Teletskoye lake is also worth visiting Its said it look like Baikal lake Baikal is the world’s deepest lake Visit this place, I am sure you will love Chusky Tract Blablacar is a ride share application check internet to know more about it You have to pay to use this service Its quite popular Chusky Tract is numbered M52 While going from Srinagar to Leh, the landscape look somewhat like this You should visit this place to experience its beauty If you love adventure, You will love Chusky Tract This is Altai Republic The Altai people look different from other Russians For eg, people from the North, South and East India look different from each other Altai is closer to Mongolia and Kazakhstan Their culture is similar to Mongolians

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  1. Shoti moti medicen ke liye Europe main precision ki jarurat nahi hoti.ager aap doctor se likha lete ho toh medicine ke paise government detti hai.

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  3. Hello my name is Sachin I am very interested to watch your video . I am also started hitchhiking .

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  9. Russians are better than American
    Русские лучше, чем американцы (Russkiye luchshe, chem amerikantsy)

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  11. I just started watching your video from the last one month and it's awesome .You deserve to spread this true indian spirit all over the world. I think it will be more good and better experiences for viewers if your description and details of that places in background instead of viewing you less. I think we are missing something like good places, landscape ,scenery etc. particularly while you are travelling in a car,bus or any other vehicles. Your language is so easy,sover and understable, nobody can not be hurted.

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