Hitchhiking in Russia : Novosibirsk to Biysk

My Hitchhiking experience in Russian begins now I am in Novosibirsk He is going to drop me somewhere on the way I didn’t have to struggle to get this lift I would recommend this website for everyone planning to Hitchhike I think people living far from cities are more helpful all over the world You can easily get a lift if you are somewhere in a small town or village Google typed – “How far is New York city from here?” Now I am typing manually He is getting disturbed by my questions, so now I won’t bother him. You enjoy the road and scenery He is not going far from here People are overtaking us from wrong side. I am surprised! Another vehicle is overtaking us from Right side, which is wrong This place seems similar to our country in terms of traffic sense and road safety I think It can’t beat the European standards of road safety So beautiful ! I am going to reach Berdsk town The temperature inside the car is 28 celcius. Its so comfortable here that I am feeling sleepy Thats a Russian train I think he is going to drop me here Now I have to ask for another lift Let me keep the bags here wow! I am getting lifts so quickly Its so cold outside Sometimes I ask very stupid questions! Its clearly written over there, still I am asking him… Sometimes I love being stupid 😉 I have become an expert in Russian Today I learnt something new. its 4 pm He is going to drop me at a petrol station nearby I forgot my mobile phone inside Today I learnt a lot of Russian words Going to ask for another lift I should not bother him He was going in another direction! Its very cold Someone, please help me Let me go inside and ask She asked a person in Russian going in my direction I am coming! This gentleman was not able to understand what I needed, but that lady helped He is going to drop me at Biysk Its 6:30 pm Biysk is 80 kilometres away from here The road is quite good The gentleman is driving at 140 kmph The scenery is good Its 7:10 pm I have reached Biysk Its located in Altai Krai region My Couchsurfing host is coming to pick me up He was driving the car It seems Whatsapp is not much popular in Russia They use 2GIS rather than using Google Maps Those apps are in Russian, which I cant understand and Google Maps is in English which they can’t There is my host, with his family They want me to see their city Its 10:40 pm Its very very cold here I am at Biysk railway station They are my host today They are so nice people I sent couch request from Novosibirsk and they accepted it Despite of language barrier we are able to communicate with each other let me introduce them Dasha understands English and helping us as translator Tomorrow Nicholai is going to take me to a resort called … Its so hard to pronounce some of the Russian words! I can not shoot anymore at its very cold here This day is going to complete on a very good note I am with some of the most wonderful Russians now… Bye

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  1. Many people have asked about CouchSurfing in the comments :
    "The website provides a platform for members to stay as a guest at someone's home (homestay), host travelers, meet other members, or join an event. Unlike many hospitality services, Couchsurfing is an example of the gift economy; there is no monetary exchange between members and there is no expectation by hosts for future rewards." – wikipedia

    Please use facebook.com/groups/touristhelpline for queries. Here is another query in this group related to CouchSurfing

  2. Bhai Ek waha videsh main har banda lift deta hai… Aur yaha India main saale Koi bhi lift nahi deta isiliye to saale pichhe hai

  3. Have you been to my city? (Biysk)

    Wow, just wow. I was just flipping through the YouTube page on your video.
    That's cool! Good luck reaching 1 million followers!

  4. It is not your hitchhiking techniques which are taking you around the world it is in fact your smile which is playing with the people and getting you around the world

  5. Varun vagish maza aaya .saberiya aur Austria aur russians hitchcheker kesathbaur 2degrs me bhai mujhe bhi jana hai Russia .pura detel bataye aap jab cawch sarfibg aur hethchikng kar the hai to lagta hai جناب janab mai.bhi apkye sath hu aur jab محترمہ muhtrma kahtye hai tu maza aajata hai aap bisk me un bacho semilye bahut accha laga mai aapka sab video video dekhte rhtahu Ladakh Manali.wala video dekha aap help karye kabhi saudi arbiya par video bante جناب janab

  6. वरुण का video blog बहुत अच्छ अौर सर्वश्रेष्ठ है।मुझे पसन्द है। sorry for my bad hindi)

  7. Hey Varun. Is it not dangerous to stay with unknown people? If they have any criminal background what can we do? Just for safety I am asking all this.

  8. Varun, I really really admire you and the strength God has given you to be able to take on such a journey across the world.
    One a side note, can you please tell whats the song in this video at 21:07 ?

  9. Bade bade desho me choti choti bevkhupiya ho jati hai…!!😁😁
    Hi Varun..nice video..aap ne hame Rashiya ghumaya.. aapki mehnat ke liye thank u so much..
    God bless u!!

  10. Yr kya ho Varun aap u are completely crazy for traveling … god I was worried when you dint get any lift … but still I salute for your patience …you are meant for going to the long way dude … really wanna hug u🤗

  11. 6:15 train is chuk chuk chuk!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😆😆funny!

  12. Sirr aapki trip jabardast hai aap kisi se bhi lift lete ho nd I m sure ke apko lift mil bhi jaati hai 😂😂

  13. Gas stations are the best places to hitchhike. It gives you time to interact with people long enough to leave an impression about you.

  14. I once went hitchiking through parts of siberia, and lemme tell you, they are known for being unfriendly, bot every single car stopped. It's unbelievable

  15. Varunbhai apne dekha sab log russian language use karte hai aur hum logo ko hindi bolne me saram aati hai.

  16. 6:13 was great "train – huckchuk huckchuk 🚆😃😃 😄😂. Love you Varun sir

  17. Sir….excellent family you meet in Russia ….Altai mountain trip really…….so good they are……

  18. ये बहुत अच्छा था, मुझे जाना है चेमाल🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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