HitchHiking in Thailand : 8 days in 15 Baht : Night stay at Police station (Jan 2017)

I am at Don Mueang Airport. Going to catch a flight to Kolkata (back home) at 12 AM This is the boarding pass My trip started 8 days back on 21st January 2017 Kolkata – Bangkok=Air Asia flight But just after I reached I landed into problem I did not had 1000 Thai Baht to pay the fee for Visa on arrival I thought I will withdraw Baht from the ATM, but.. But ATMs are located outside, which can be approached only after VoA and Immigration clearance Then Air Asia came to my rescue. A security personnel escorted me to the ATMs I withdrew money and paid the Visa fee So this is how my trip started… on 21st January (2017) I stayed with a CouchSurfing host on the first day His house was at 42nd level & I could get a panoramic view of the Bangkok city Thanks ‘Jun’ for the wonderful stay and your hospitality I lost my wallet/Credit and ATM cards on the first day I initially got worried, but eventually, it did not hamper my plans. As I already had plans to do Hitchhiking and Couchsurfing, Money was not a priority On 22nd January, I left Jun’s house and visited a part of the city and then took an ordinary train to Ayutthaya from Hua Lamphong train station Let me also share What made me to plan this trip (1) Cheaper flights to Thailand than other countries and (2) Visa on arrival for Indians I just booked the tickets and got the leaves approved… Thanks Boss 🙂 After landing here, I approached the ‘Tourist assistance center’ at the airport I told them that I like Mountains, so they guided me to visit the Northern Thailand This way they helped me to plan my trip My rough itinerary was : Bangkok – Ayutthaya – Sukho Thai – Chiang Mai On 22nd I stayed in Ayutthaya, The ancient capital of Thailand I am sure there must be some link between Ayutthaya and the holy city of ‘Ayodhya’ in India I visited the Wat Mahatat and other temple complexes on the next day in Ayutthaya Thereafter I started Hitchhiking On that day I managed to reach Tak… stayed in a Police station I took lift in trucks, cars, bikes, etc to reach there Next day, I visited Chiang Mai I stayed at Frank’s place, Another couchsurfer What a wonderful person! He spent many years in India, knew a little bit of Hindi It was his hospitality, which made me stay there for 2 days instead of 1 After exploring Chiang Mai, next morning I again hit the road. My destination was Pai Chiang Mai to Pai distance is around 150 kilometers Pai is an offbeat tourist destination surrounded by hills It is very less crowded in comparison to Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya I hitchhiked all the way. Buddhist Monks also gave me a lift I met an interesting Russian couple on the way.. Will share their information in the coming videos Next day I started my return journey Hitchhiked all the way to Chiang Mai and made upto Tak Stayed at the same police station in Tak. Thanks to the Highway Police of Thailand Then, today morning I again started to hitchhike Took lift from many cars and finally reached here.. at the Airport 🙂 I hitchhiked almost all the trip. Only once I spent 15 Bahts on a train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya Paid only twice for night stays during the whole trip Otherwise I CouchSurfed and stayed in the Police station On the first day, I took 7000 Baht from the ATM Out of 7000, paid 1000 for Visa and 2000 on all other expenses like food and stay Out of the 2000 Bahts, majority of the expenses was on food Being a vegetarian, It was not easy to sustain. But thanks to ‘Seven 11’ stores They are everywhere I got Milk, bread, Cheese, Bananas, Nutella, etc from there Had I been a Non-Vegetarian I could have saved a lot People were nice and offered food, but being a Vegetarian I couldn’t eat that So now I am still left with 4000 Thai Baht So now I am sure that Money is not mandatory to explore the world I would like to request the Government of India to make efforts to make .. ..make the Indian Passport ‘strong’ like the German and many European passports are In many countries, their passport enjoys the ‘Visa-free’ or ‘Visa on arrival’ benefits We Indians would also like to see the world like them I request the concerned officials, Ministry and especially our Prime Minister to take some steps Out of very few countries, Thailand offers Indians ‘Visa of Arrival’ I think that is one of the major reason why many Indians visit Thailand! Let the backpackers and budget travellers from India also get a chance to explore this beautiful world Thanks for watching, Now my trip comes to an end Will come up with some other interesting stuff .. some day… on another interesting trip.. God Bless.. Bye 🙂

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  1. please give us information about food that you eat in your stay and what are the food available there for pure vegetarian people?

  2. Bhai …… u r really awesome and i love ur videos …. bhai kya mujhe bhi apne sath apne next trip pe le chloge ? 🙂

  3. Couchserfing or Hitchhiking ke upar se alag ek video agar milta to bahut accha hota.. Very nice video.

  4. your videos are awesome man … I have lived your videos 🙂 great job man keeping sharing the wonderful stuff 👌

  5. Tweet to sushma swaraj with a good hashtag and ask all your subscribers to tweet it on twitter. That way we can get it trending and hopefully they will do something in the future to make our passport stronger. What do you think @mountaintrekker . Please make a video for the same.

  6. Nice Video Bro, I'm also travel blogger pls take me with u to travel as i love the way u travel and doing strange things..

  7. bhai apki videos muje boht pasand hain saari video dekhi apki khaas kar ke Thailand waali aur boht knowledge haasil hui mai wese Pakistan se hu mai bhi ana chahta hu Thailand mai lekin aap bilkul sai kar rahe ho lage raho munna bhai😉

  8. You are very good at vlogs, Dude next time you get stuck, let me know I can have money arranged to you by my bank. We do not mess up in UK.

  9. Thank you so much Yarr….me pahele sochata tha ki abrod Jana apni aukat me nahi hai..but Bhai aap ki vajah se ye muje ab possible lag raha hai..

  10. Aap ek alag sa confidence dete ho ghumakkadon ko…Ki thodi si time mila nahin…Ki kahin nikal pade….Best gift you can give to ur own life. Aap jaise log badh jaye is desh mein to ek tsunami ayegi is desh ke logon ke thoughts mein….Keep travelling.

  11. Shukriya janab , vedios share karne k liye , bahot si jankari mil Rahi ha , man kat Raha ki Mai bhi niklun tour par but kuch or jankari ho jaye . Keep sharing your Tour experience.
    Thank you thank you

  12. Really Varun sir, you are my inspiration and I will be going soon for a world tour…………Thank you sir, for sharing the most needed information for a backpacker…………love you from Kolkata.

  13. you should be the tourism minister of india bro !!!!!! no one can understand the internal feeling of an traveler better than you !!!!!!!!!

  14. Nice message u gave in da end of video.great work uh r doin bhai.keep doin .ur videos inspiring us to travel in cheap rates .nd gives hope to see the world .thanku fo makin these videos really helping us to exploring new places .

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  17. Welcome to Thailand, watch your video clip, I am Thai people, I am very happy to see this clip #welcome to Thailand 🇹🇭🇹🇭🧒❤

  18. Excellent place. Sir really you are very simple and the way you communicate is very impressive, keep it on. Thanks for providing basic information about this country.

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